The Fuzzy Family《扭计爸B》

2010-07-31 19:30 - 2010-08-01 18:00

The Fuzzy Family《扭计爸B》
姬声雅士 x 人间搞作

演出时间:2010年7月31日 周六 19:30 / 8月1日 周日 15:00

The Fuzzy Family《扭计爸B》






创作 / 编剧 / 导演:冯国东、李景昌、梁善志



查询电话:(852) 24140144

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The Fuzzy Family

Time:  31.7.2010 (Sat) 7:30pm / 1.8.2010 (Sun) 3pm
Venue: Tsuen Wan Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall

In Cantonese 
Best for ages 3 and above
60 minutes

Gay Singers x Project on Earth Creative Communication Company Limited


On his treasured daughter's birthday, a dad promises to spend time playing with her every day. The innocent little girl takes her dad's words to heart and whines each day for him to do so. But exhausted by job pressure, the dad does not have the energy to keep his word, causing battles with his daughter every morning before he goes to work. His strategy? He whines! One day, his daughter decides the situation is intolerable. Bringing mum along with her, she takes on the mission of capturing her dad and taking him home. A series of obstacles follow, but all come through safe and sound in the end due to...

Delightful a cappella and vocal accompaniment by Gay Singers blend with expressive performances and interactive elements in this dynamic theatre work. Transforming mundane life on streets and inside buildings into a fun, exciting playgroup, this show is your best option for an adventure with your kids in the city.


Creation / Playwright / Director: Fung Kwok-tung
                                  Lee King-cheong
                                  Leung Sin-chi
Original Theme Song: Ng Cheuk-yin
Producer: Lam Lai-chu
Stage & Costume Designer: Tong Mung-ni
Sound Designer:    Fung King-hong
Main Cast: Lee Siu-ming
                Or Ka-kee
                Siu Tin-chi
                Gay Singers members



Address: 72 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
General Enquiry: (852) 2414 0144

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