Love 4×4

2010-07-26 20:00 - 22:00

Love 4×4

Time: 7.26.2010 (Mon 20:00)
Venue: Xinghai Concert Hall

Under the Carpet 

Mainstage Performances
Israeli Choreographers Association(Israel)

ProgramⅠ: Subtext
Choreographer: Nimrod Freed (ISR)


Who’s in control, the actor in tights or the dancing girls in red, or the pianist playing Bach?

Life under life. A dance within a dance - constantly changing- charged with oppressed emotions.

Subtext was premiered in Curtain Up/ International Exposure 2009, Tel Aviv.

"…a burning, passionate piece…" Habama, Zvi Goren


Program Ⅱ: Under the Carpet
Choreographer: Dafi Altabeb (ISR)

Under the Carpet

What’s swept underneath the carpet can be tempting and frightening at the same time.

A life's store of secrets, stories behind closed doors, swept under the carpet. In this dance, four women will reveal stories confined within the apartment walls. Deeply buried fears and emotions are divulged.


Program Ⅲ: Out of Choice
Choreographer /Performer: Dafi Altabeb (ISR)

Out of Choice

I am a choreographer. I am a Woman.


Nimrod Freed (Artistic Director, Tami Dance Company)
Nimrod Freed's dance theatre works are performed in Israel and in major festivals around the world. Nimrod has worked in N.Y.C with Kei Takei's Moving Earth Dance Company, Min Tanaka, Bessie Schonberg and Ellen Stewart. He is now teaching at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts and in Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance. Nimrod received the Duo Artist Award from Habima, the National Theater of Israel. He was the artistic director for more than 10 years of "On the Edge", an intimate project of dance, theater and live music. During this period, Nimrod got his M.A. from Columbia University, New York.

In 2009, Nimrod established Tami Dance Company with the support of Daniela & Daniel Steinmetz. Tami Dance Company's studio is in Beit-Tami, C.C. the heart of Tel Aviv. The company has performed in India, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, and Belarus - as well as, major festivals, including the International Dance Umbrella Festival in Johannesburg, and more than 40 cities & communities in Israel.

Dafi Altabeb (Artistic Director, Dafi Altabeb Company)
Dancer, independent choreographer, musician, dance teacher and pilates instructor graduated with a B.Ed from the "Kibbutzim College of Education" in Tel-Aviv. Her works have been performed both in Israel and internationally. In addition, Dafi and members of the Company give workshops and master-classes by invitation.


Israeli Choreographers Association (Israel)
The Israel Choreographers Association was founded to promote Israeli choreographers in Israel and abroad.  The Association currently comprises the most prominent independent choreographers working in Israel and abroad. Its members are either dance company directors or create annual dance projects. The Association initiates joint projects, contacts and connections, and provides a variety of services for choreographers coordinates information from external and internal bodies and helps choreographers to submit applications for support and implement their budgets.

Supported by: The Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts


(Student / Senior tickets ¥125, ¥45)

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