Life, Death and Love of Asian Men

2010-07-28 20:00 - 22:00

Life, Death and Love of Asian Men
Mainstage Performances

Time: 7.28.2010 (Wed 20:00)
Venue: Xinghai Concert Hall

The Story of B

Three exquisite dances by three top male dance-makers in Asia about life, death and love.

Kasai Mitsutake (JPN)
Kim Nam-jin (KOR)
Luo Fan (CHN)

ProgramⅠ: The Last Man
Choreographer: Kasai Mitsutake (JPN)
Kasai Mitsutake (son of Kasai Akira, one of the founders of the Butoh movement) won the Special Jury Award in 2010 Yokohama Dance Collection with this profound “new Butoh” creation The Last Man.

ProgramⅡ: The Story of B
Choreographer: Kim Nam-jin (KOR)
After 11 years working in Europe with C.C.N.R.B in France and Les Ballets C de le B in Belgium, Kim Nam-jin presents a Korean dance idiom of burning social relevance and meticulous precision in Story of B. Simply powerful.

Program Ⅲ: Detachment of Women
Choreographer: Luo Fan (CHN)
Winner of the First Prize and Excellence Award at the 2007 International Dance Competition in Greece and the 2009 Hong Kong Dance Awards, Luo Fan proves himself in Detachment of Women that he could be China’s next rising star.

The Last Man

Kasai Mitsutake
Kasai studied Butoh with KASAI Akira (his father) and dance with YAMAZAKI Kota. He appears frequently in other choreographers' work. His varied choreography expresses his own world view, while incorporating the essence of various styles of dance. In 2009, he was awarded “the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists” to study in New York.

KIM Nam-jin (Artistic Director, Dance Theatre CHANG)
Namjin Kim was born in Pusan, South Korea. He started as an actor before he was introduced to dance. He was fascinated by movement languages that human bodies can create and started dancing. He moved to France to dance with Cie Corinne Lanselle, Cie Jackie Taffanel etc. in 1995. He was the first Korean male dancer to work with the C.C.N.R.B.(Catherine Diverres, 1998-2002), and with Les Ballets C de le B in Belgium (2002-2006). Kim continues his dance career all over Europe from France, to Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Sweden and worked with Wim Vandekeybus, Ohad Naharin, Rui Horta, Meg Stuart and especially Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.
Kim returned to Korea in 2006 and set up Dance Theatre Chang to create dance works that are forward and realistic; and to combine dance with theatre to reach out to social reality. Dance Theatre CHANG creates unique Korean contemporary dance theatre works which show Kim’s powerful, yet calm movements.

Luo Fan
Born in Hunan, Luo Fan began studying Chinese dance in 1994. He was awarded a scholarship in 2001 to study modern dance at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 2003, Luo was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Scholarship and received modern dance training and participated in dance festivals in the US. He joined CCDC in the same year. Luo was awarded the 1st Place and Excellence Award in Division of Modern Professional Soloists in International Dance Competition in Greece in 2007 and received a special scholarship to the US. In 2009, he was awarded Hong Kong Dance Award for his outstanding performance in Out Of The Box and No End.

The Story of B

Yokohama Dance Collection R
Dance Theatre CHANG


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