Zhang Ying's Solo Recital II - Plucking at your heart's strings

2012-12-23 20:00 - 21:30

Zhang Ying's Solo Recital II - Plucking at your heart's strings

When: 23 Dec 2012 Sun 20:00
Where: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

Zhang Ying


This is Zhang Ying's second solo pipa recital since her Hong Kong debut concert in 2009. The years in between has allowed her to explore the intellectual world of music while at the same time, to hone her skills further. The programme of this concert will be a challenge to Zhang's pipa musicianship, both in breadth and in depth, as she has chosen Liu Dehai's Cantilena for One Finger & Terra Cotta Soldiers, Minoru Miki'sEast Arc etc…


Pipa Solo Send Me A Rose Xinjiang Folk Song
Arr. by Wang Fandi Dab: Luk Kin-bun
Pipa Solo Cantilena for One Finger Liu Dehai
Pipa and Bass Gehu Czardas Vittorio Monti
Arr. by Zhang Yin and Li Wei Bass Gehu: Li Wei
Pipa Solo Chen-Sui Ancient Melody
Pipa and Sanixan Duet Spring in Jiangnan
Jiang Shuilin and Wei Hongyu, after Wang Huiran's pipa piece, Jiangnan in March
Sanxian: Zhao Taisheng
Pipa Solo Terra Cotta Soldiers
Arr. by Liu Dehai
Pipa, Erhu, Gehu and Marimba Ensemble Music East
Arc Minoru Miki
Second Movement: Pipa Nocturne
Third Movement: Dancing along the Shore
Pipa: Zhang Ying Erhu: Zhou Yi Gehu: An Yue Marimba: Luk Kin-bun
Pipa and Ensemble Dance of the Yi's
Wang Huiran Instrumentation by Kwan Sing-yau
Pipa and Ensemble Caprice on a theme from Peking Opera
Wang Chaoran, Gao Yansheng


Tickets: $200
Tel: 852-27342009
Add: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


*Information provided by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

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