Christophe Bruncher(克里斯托弗·布朗歇)

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Christophe Bruncher(克里斯托弗·布朗歇)

Christophe Bruncher ( 克里斯托弗·布朗歇)





Christophe Bruncher


Christophe Bruncher started his producer's career in 2005, teaming up with French actress-director Isild Le Besco in theParis based production company Sangsho. With Sangsho, he produced his two first feature films, L'INTOUCHABLE byBenoit Jacquot (awarded at the Mostra of Venice in 2006).

He developed and produced the French-German coproduction feature film AND IF WE ALL LIVED TOGETHER by Stéphane Robelin, featuring among others, Jane Fonda, Geraldine Chaplin and Daniel Brühl, which premiered on PiazzaGrande in Festival del Film Locarno 2011 and grossed more than half million admissions in theatres in France.

In 2005, he was curator for the French film section of the Beijing Dashanzi International Art Festival, in the frame of thecross-cultural years between France and China. Christophe Bruncher has studied, lived and worked in China for 3 years (inKunming, Suzhou and Shanghai). He speaks fluently English, German and Mandarin.He is now based in Paris.

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