Combat Girls - KINO/12 recent German film productions

2012-10-28 21:30 - 2012-11-02 21:27

Combat Girls - KINO/12 recent German film productions

When: 28 Oct 2012 Sun 21:30
Where: Hong Kong Science Museum-Lecture Hall

When: 2 Nov 2012 Fri 19:40
Where: AMC Pacific Place

Combat Girls


Marisa, a 20-year-old German girl, hates foreigners, Jews, cops, and everyone she finds guilty for the decline of her country. The only place she feels home is the Neo-Nazi gang she belongs to, where hate, violence, and heavy parties are the daily rules.

When 14-year-old Svenja joins the group, Marisa appears like a role model to her: she fits the purest idea of a combat girl fighting for the group's ideology. But Marisa's convictions will slowly evolve when she accidentally meets a young Afghan refugee. Confronted to him, she will learn that the black and white principles of her gang are not the only way. Will Marisa ever be able to get out of this group?


In summer 1998 I was working on a photo project in East-Germany. Travelling through the countryside I met many teenagers that could be identified based on their clothes as being Neo-Nazis. It surprised me to find many girls among them. As I talked to them they shared their world view and their wild political opinions. All of them identified foreigners as being the biggest problem of their lives and of Germany in general. After these encounters I started to do more research on the subject of fascist girls. It was an aspect of the Neo-Nazi scene that no one was paying attention to, I began considering this material into the script of "Combat Girls". - David Wnendt


Dir: David Wnendt
Cast: Alina Levshin, Jella Haase, Gerdy Zint
Germany, 2011, 103 mins, cat. IIB, Shown with English and Chinese subtitles


2011 Bavarian Film Awards - Best Direction - Young Film, Best Young Actor
2012 German Film Awards - Film Award in Bronze for Outstanding Feature Film, Film Award in Gold for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Best Screenplay
2011 Munich Film Festival - Young German Cinema Award for Acting - Female, and Screenwriting

Combat Girls

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*Information provided by Goethe-Institut Hongkong.

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