Discursive Individual - Chai Yiming's Solo Exhibition

2012-09-29 10:00 - 2012-10-30 17:00

Discursive Individual - Chai Yiming's Solo Exhibition

When: 29 Sep, - 30 Oct, 2012
Where: Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Space
Opening Time: Sep 29, 2012, 15:00

Chai Yiming's Work


Chai Yiming is a maverick, which is reflected in his lifestyle as well as his artistic ideas and creative methods. Art is not a profession for him, but rather an integral part of life, like eating and drinking. In his view, art is also a way of communication with friends, a dialogue with books, a self - improvement process through travel, and a taste of daily life.

Chai Yiming's works are varied in form, but remain the same in nature. Changes only happen to media, materials, and content; while the paradox of his personality, in which idleness and hard work coexist, remains unchanged. Sly humor and hard - earned wisdom, innocence and curiosity, sophistication and a self - imposed exile mentality are embodied in his works. All his works are a direct product of his spirit and emotion at that time. He never follows the fashion. Unlike those who are crazy about cameras and images, he always insists on its own way, because, for him, only maintaining himself is the key to expressing himself accurately. Art is never a means of performance and presentation, and sometimes creating a piece of work is more like a dialogue with yourself and psychotherapy. His works have a strong personal style, and seem to be far away from the sociological tendency of contemporary art. Audiences who watch Chai Yiming's works do not need to subjectively place his works in a predetermined social context, because they tend to be introspective and subconscious.

The exhibition is located in Himalayas Art Museum Zhujiajiao Branch, a place with a courtyard where you can enjoy fine views of the river. During the two - week solo exhibition (Residence: 23 Sep, - 8 Oct, 2012), Chai Yiming will gather friends together for literary activities, and invite two or three friends every day to the museum to create a mural with him. In this way, in the current life and social context, we can regain the imagination of a classical Chinese poetic way of life.

The exhibition also includes four videos, which record the artist's daily work using a small camera in a natural way, like Proust's stream - of - consciousness novel. Each themed video will reveal the artist's creation, thinking and action, as well as his boring, tangled and confusing mentality. It is like a road sign indicating a clue as to time and space which connects his different works to be exhibited in an organized way.


Add: Beidajie No.222, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai


*Information provided by Around Space

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