Denmark Crash and Compute + Philippines Caliph8 - Emil de Waal and Spejderrobot

2012-09-27 22:00 - 2012-09-28 23:59

Denmark Crash and Compute + Philippines Caliph8 - Emil de Waal and Spejderrobot

When: Thur-Fri, Sep 27-28, 2012 22:00
Where: Beijing Yu Gong Yi Shan and Shanghai Yu Yin Tang

Denmark Crash and Compute

Denmark Crash and Compute

丹麦Crash and Compute和菲律宾Caliph8-Antidote解毒剂七周年

In celebration of Antidote's 7 year anniversary, we bring you a night of exciting far-out new music - a live collaboration between one of Europe's most talent drummers - Emil de Waal, with his partner, producer Spejderrobot - and one of the most talented live MPC "drummers" we've seen anywhere - Caliph8 from Manila, Philippines.

Together they make music that will blow your mind - taking elements from abstract jazz, hip hop, drum and bass, experimental and electronic - and making it all fresh and expanding, like you've just re-discovered what music sounds like.

Denmark's Emil de Waal + Spejderrobot have been to China before - collaborating with experimental folk artist Xiao He, and Mongolian music stars Hanggai - now they bring their new project "Crash and Compute", which takes a whole new direction into more forward electronic / dance music. With Emil on live drums and Spejderrobot on the electronics, this is going to be a show you don't want to miss.

We also have one of Asia's hottest music talents - Caliph8 from Manila. A true world class master of the MPC, Caliph8 shows you how live electronic music should be done, as he plays live MPC that could stand up to any live drummer on a drum kit. Get ready for a true musical journey, with influences from abstract jazz, hip hop, techno, dubstep and psychedelic experimentation.

Philippines Caliph8

Philippines Caliph8

Performance team
Crash and Compute - Denmark
Caliph8 - Philippines


Program schedule
Thursday, Sept. 27 - Yugong Yishan, Beijing
Friday, Sept. 28 - Yuyintang, Shanghai


Tickets: Rmb 50


Beijing Yu Gong Yi Shan
Tel: 010-64042711
Add: West Courtyard Former Site of Duan Qirui Government, Zhang Zizhong Road 3-2, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Shanghai Yu Yin Tang
Tel: 021-52378662
Add: Changning District, Kaixuan 851 (near the Yan'an mouth), Tianshan Park Xiaobailou, Shanghai


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Emil de Waal + Spejderrobot = 'Crash and Compute'-北京愚公移山
Emil de Waal + Spejderrobot = 'Crash and Compute' Denmark
日本Lady Citizen和菲律宾Caliph8-Antidote解毒剂七周年

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