A Bit More Than Arts Festival - Jockey Club Inclusive Arts Programme 2011-12 Annual Exhibition and Community Showcase

2012-09-29 19:00 - 2012-10-24 19:00

A Bit More Than Arts Festival - Jockey Club Inclusive Arts Programme 2011-12 Annual Exhibition and Community Showcase

When: 29 Sep - 24 Oct, 2012
Where: JCCAC

A Bit More Than Arts Festival


Jockey Club Inclusive Arts Programme, funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for 3 years starting from August 2010, promotes arts and inclusion through various activities jointly participated by persons with or without disabilities at the Jockey Club Inclusive Arts Studio (JCIAS), L3-04 JCCAC.

To carry on the spirit of "a bit more", JCIAS experienced a meaning and fruitful year by organizing various forms of Trainings for Artist-with-disabilities, creating a network to exchange artworks between local schools and rehab centres with Germany special school in "Artlink" project, showcasing performances or running workshops at inclusive setting monthly, inviting overseas trainers to conduct Train-the-trainers workshops for local facilitators, and cooperating with NGOs and art groups in community projects. Total direct beneficiaries are over 17,000 people.

Participating artists with or without disabilities in JCIAP flourished the cultural nourishment and the ground of arts into their art creation process and made the artworks and performances containing with their creativities, personal styles, living elements and local features.

The 2nd "A Bit More Than Arts Festival" will be held during 29 September to 14 Oct, 2012 in JCCAC. To conclude and showcase the process and outcome of the programme, Festival’s activities consist of Exhibition, Opening Ceremony cum Performance Showcase, Guided Tours, and Artists Sharing with Workshops.


Opening Ceremony cum Performance Showcase
Date: Fri 28 Sep, 2012 7pm-9pm
Venue: JCCAC L1 Gallery & Central Courtyard


Date: 29 Sep-14 Oct 2012 10am-7pm
Venue: JCCAC L1 Gallery


Guided Tours
Date: 29 Sep-14 Oct, 2012 11am-12nn / 2pm-3pm / 4pm-5pm
Venue: JCCAC L1 Gallery
Targets: All schools and groups (Open for booking now, quota is limited, first-come-first served)


Artists Sharing with Workshops

Time Activity Artists
Tue 2 Oct, 2012 3-5pm Behind the Lens (Photography Workshop) Picasso Chang, Taiwan photographer
Sat 6 Oct, 2012 3-5pm Glass Workshop and Sharing KOKO
Sun 7 Oct, 2012 3-5pm Reply to "Artlink" Pen Friends Fui Hung
Sat 13 Oct, 2012 3-5pm Paper Craft Workshop and Sharing Lee Sing Man
Sun 14 Oct, 2012 3-5pm "A Bit More" Sharing Session Participating artists and art facilitators

Venue: JCCAC L1 Gallery
Remarks: Free for admission, please complete and return the application form on the "Open Studio" page.


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Email: jcias@adahk.org.hk


Add: 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong


*Information provided by JCCAC


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