Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe - Young Cantonese Opera Artists Series

2012-09-15 19:30 - 2012-10-15 23:00

Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe - Young Cantonese Opera Artists Series

When: 15, 26 Sep / 15 Oct, 2012 7:30pm
Where: Tai Po Civic Centre, Yau Ma Tei Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre



Sat 15 Sep, 2012
The Marriage of Three Smiles

Main Cast: Yuen Sin-ting, Hong Wah, Chan Hung-chun (Guest), Wong Po-hyun, Bak Wan-lung (Guest), Lui Hung-kwong (Guest)

The top scholar Tang Bohu of the Ming Dynasty is highly gifted intellectually. Being a handsome scholar, he is admired by ladies of reputable families. One day when he is touring a scenic spot, he meets the beautiful maid Qiuxiang among the entourage of Lady Hua who is on her way to offer incense in Tianzhu Temple. Unintentionally, Qiuxiang smiles at him when passing by. Bohu is captivated by her beauty. Knowing that Lady Hua is going into the Temple, he hurries there and disguises himself as the Temple’s attendant to get a chance to see Qiuxiang again. Though Qiuxiang is pleased by this, she deplores him for following her.

Later, Bohu learns that the Hua family wants to employ a helper. In order to see Qiuxiang, he offers himself for the service. Although both Qiuxiang and Bohu are in the same house, the maid tries to stay away from him. She has by then found out about Bohu’s real identity. For fear that he is only flirting, she dares not respond to his courtship. Learning that Bohu has gone into the Hua family in order to get near to Qiuxiang, Zhu Zhishan’s younger sister, Xiufeng, visits the Hua family and throws mockeries at him. Bohu impresses her with his genuine love for Qiuxiang. At the end, Xiufeng plays the role of a matchmaker for this marriage of three smiles.


Wed 26 Sep, 2012
The Warrior’s Marriage

Main Cast: Lam Tin-yau, Wong Kit-ching, Yuen Tak-cheong (Guest), Lai Yiu-wai, Wong Po-hyun, Kwan Hoi-shan
General Hua Yunlong is assisting Zhu Yuanzhang, later the first emperor of Ming, in his quest to bring the country under his rule. Hua dissembles as the Prince of Gusu and goes into Northern Han territory to make an offer for the hand of Princess Yinping, with an ulterior political motive. General Zhang Dingbian of the Northern Han sniffs out fool play, but Princess Yinping trusts Hua totally. She marries him, and even persuades her father to ride to Li Mountain to join forces with Gusu in resisting Zhu.

Yufeng, Hua’s sister, has long laid out an elaborate trap at Li Mountain to lure in and subject the King of Northern Han. As the Northen Han army arrives, Hua reveals his identity, and in the skirmish that followed, accidentally kills the king. The princess vows to cut his head off in revenge for her father. She is however wounded by Yunfeng in the chaos of the fighting, and flees to an old temple ruin for respite. Hua hurries after her in concern. At last, the Princess learns from General Hu Lan of Gusu that the King of Northern Han is in fact her nemesis, who killed her real father and disgraced her mother. She and Hua are reconciled.


Mon 15 Oct, 2012
The Villain, The General and The Heroic Beauty

Main Cast: Lam Tin-yau, Cheng Nga-kei, Chan Hung-chun (Guest), Kwok Kai-fai (Guest), Lam Tsz-ching, Lai Yiu-wai, Wong Sze-long (Guest), Yuen Sin-ting
After the death of the King of Liang, the second prince intends to seize the throne. The veteran Zhao Jiguang and the third prince go to Dan Yang to seek Princess Yinping’s military support to help the crown prince to take the throne. General Wei Gancheng is a secret admirer of the Princess but she only has affection for the second prince Wenyong. Gancheng tries to persuade the Princess not to pass over the crown prince to enthrone Wenyong but the Princess does not take his advice.

At that time, Wenyong, together with his teacher Liu Liuren, go to seek the military support from the Princess to help him take the throne. Meanwhile, Xie Shuang’e, a maid in the imperial palace and her brother Xie Song bring a forged will to deceive the Princess, with whose help Wenyong ascends the throne. But soon he wants to get rid of her. Fortunately Gancheng comes to her rescue, and the two become husband and wife. 


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Ticketing Enquiries: 852-27349009
Telephone Credit Card Booking: 852-21115999
Internet Booking: www.urbtix.hk

Running Time: Approx. 3 hrs 30 mins with an intermission

When Where Tickets
Sat 15 Sep, 2012 7:30pm Auditorium, Tai Po Civic Centre
Tel: 852-26654477
Add: 12 On Pong Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong.
Wed 26 Sep, 2012 7:30pm Theatre, Yau Ma Tei Theatre
Tel: 852-22648108
Add: 1/F, Red Brick Building, 8 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Mon 15 Oct, 2012 7:30pm Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre
Tel: 852-31845777
Add: G/F, 111 Shau Kei Wan Road, Hong Kong


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