Robert Glumbek(罗伯特·格伦贝克)

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Robert Glumbek(罗伯特·格伦贝克)

Robert Glumbek(罗伯特·格伦贝克)

1987年罗伯特从波兰来到加拿大,并开始了为期十年在多伦多得洛希耶舞剧院的舞蹈生涯。罗伯特现为ProArteDanza舞团的副艺术总监。近期受到瑞尔森大学、曼海姆芭蕾舞团、公主创作现代舞蹈团及ProArteDanza的委约创作。罗伯特自2000年起以联合艺术家的身份与老虎公主当代舞团合作。曾三次获得多拉奖的提名,并且曾进入汉诺威编舞大赛决赛。2006年成为《现在》杂志评选的最佳舞者,曾获K. M. 亨特艺术奖和克利福德编导奖。罗伯特日前执教的机构有加拿大国家芭蕾舞团及其下属培训中心,曼海姆芭蕾舞团和瑞尔森大学。2011年秋,罗伯特为不列颠哥伦比亚芭蕾舞团编创了一个新舞作。


Robert Glumbek


In 1987, Robert Glumbek left Poland for Canada where he danced for 10 years with Desrosiers Dance Theatre in Toronto. Glumbek is currently Associate Artistic Director of ProArteDanza. Glumbek's recent works include commissions for Ryerson University, the Mannheim Ballet, princess productions and ProArteDanza. In the 8th International Solo-Dance Festival in Stuttgart, he was entered as a finalist for his solo, Subsistence. He and Campanella were finalists at the 17th Internationaler Wettbewerb für Choreographen in Hannover for their quartet, Nothing Twice. They again collaborated in the creation of Nine Sentiments, titled after, and inspired by, Michael Ondaatje's poem. Glumbek has been dancing with tiger princess dance projects since 2000 and serves as an Artistic Associate for the company. He is a three-time Dora nominee, a finalist in the Hanover Choreography Competition, was named Now Magazine's Best Dancer Of The Year 2006 and was recently honoured with both the K.M. Hunter Artist Award and the Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award. He currently teaches at the National Ballet of Canada, Dance Teq, Mannheim Ballet and Ryerson University. In the Fall of 2011, Glumbek created a new work for Ballet British Columbia.

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