Min Kim(金明)

北京舞蹈学院《胧月·春之祭》-春华秋实艺术院校舞台艺术精品展演周 | 好戏网 北京舞蹈学院《胧月·春之祭》-春华秋... 2014-11-03 19:30 - 21:00
舞蹈营-首届北京舞蹈双周 | 好戏网 舞蹈营-首届北京舞蹈双周 2012-07-15 (All day) - 2012-07-21 (All day)

Min Kim(金明)

Min Kim(金明)

爱丁堡演员,编导,电影人。古典芭蕾出身,并曾参与古典舞、现代舞及亚洲舞种的演出。作为DORID舞团艺术总监,金明的作品曾到巴西、西班牙、韩国、美国巡演。曾任马里库帕学习指导中心、亚利桑那州大学、Desert舞蹈剧场、Nudo Piedi 舞团、林恩舞团、美国舞蹈节、Bailando舞蹈节的客席教师。现为德克萨斯大学泛美分校助理教授,主教舞蹈表演、技术课和编舞。


Min Kim


A performer, choreographer, and filmmaker based in Edinburg, Texas. Min Kim started her dance training in classical ballet, and performed in classical and contemporary repertoires as well as Asian dance forms. As the Artistic director of DORIDance, she has presented her work in various venues in Brazil, Spain, Korea, and throughout the U.S.. She has been a guest teacher at numerous institutions and companies including Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, Arizona State University, Desert Dance Theatre, Nudo Piedi Dance Company, Lynn Dance Company, American College Dance Festival, and Bailando Dance Festival. Kim is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas-Pan American where she teaches dance performance, technique, and choreography.

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