Three Episodes - Between Body and Soul - Beijing Dance Festival 2012

2012-07-26 19:30 - 21:30

Three Episodes - Between Body and Soul - Beijing Dance Festival 2012

When: Thu 26 Jul,2012 19:30
Where: PLA Theatre

Three Episodes

photo by Bonnie Kamin





Company: Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Lighting: LOWShee-hoe
Dancers: YU Li-jun, ZHANG Cong-bin, LIPian-pian, XIAOZhi-ren, LIU Qing-yu, LAIKa-bo,ZENG Liang, WUHui, YUYa-nan, ZHAOJian-rui, MAKe, HUTeng-teng, HAOZhi-yuan, LI Sheng-xiong


Three Episodes - Between Body and Soul
Episode I: Touched
Choreography: XING Liang
Music: Julien ASH, Alexandre DESPLAT,Ryoji IKEDA, Bernhard GUNTER
Duration: 21 minutes
Episode 2: Voice After
Choreography: LIU Qi
Music: Paul DRESHER
Duration: 20 minutes
Episode 3: Beings
Choreography: MA Shou-ze
Music: Brian ENO, Air,Chris PHILLIPS, Laraaji
Costume Design: XIA Yu-qi
Duration: 24 minutes

Three Episodes

photo by Li Jianyang

Three Episodes - Between Body and Soul is a work divided in three parts, each choreographed by an ex-dancer from the Guangdong Modern Dance Company. Each choreographer is now internationally renowned for his / her own right. In this program, they came together to explore a theme that speaks a dialogue between the body (physicality / environment) and the soul (thought / contemplation).
XING Liang, one of the most celebrated dancers of our time, draws on his intensive experience in the physical art form and creates an expressive and exhilarating piece of work: Touched. The work exemplifies the purity of the body movement, which, when pushed to extreme, touches upon many emotional aspect of our lives.
Beidao, the Chinese poet, is acclaimed for his transcending insight into the intricate relations between the human and the nature. Inspired by Beidao's poem, GMDC's resident choreographer LIU Qi creates Voice After depicting the tranquility of the ocean waves, the flocks of gulls, and the storm surge underneath.
In the Illustration Book of Tai Chi, ZHOUDunyi, the famous scholar from the Song Dynasty exclaimed that "The Yin and the Yang match and deliver the multiplicity of the many life forms, and the life forms then progress forever." Choreographer MAShouze acknowledges this insightful thought by creating Beings.


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*Information provided by the Beijing Dance/LDTX


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