成员:小泉 小川 小甘 刘+ 张帅

TooKoo,一个响亮的名字,一支时髦的乐队,一个不断改变创新的团体。他们经历过7次迷笛音乐节,7次全国巡演,1次东南亚巡演,以及LifeShow香港,Rock-It香港,BayBeats新加坡,Laundry Volume马来西亚,Sutasi新加坡,One Movement澳大利亚等大型音乐节,身经百战拥趸无数!从2001年的首张INDIE专辑<VIVA!>到2008年的精选集<7YEARS>,乐队在Emo,Indie,Rock等音乐风格上逐渐找到平衡点,日益成熟并趋向国际化。




Formed in 1999 by twin brothers Xiaochuan and Xiaoquan Lee, today the band consists of five members led by Xiaoquan Lee (bass/vocal), Xiaochuan Lee (guitar/vocal), Abe G (keyboard/vocal), Zang Suai (guitar) and Liu+ (drums).

Tookoo artfully blends elements of emo, indie, and rock sounds, resulting in rousing, brash and energetic songs with melodies you can't get out of your head and a lead vocal you won't soon forget.

This cool, well-established rock band sings their original songs in Chinese and English and has released seven independent EPs since 2001. These EPs were re-released in 2008 through Scream Records as a compilation album titled 7 Years.

Tookoo have directly contributed to the development of rock music in China, performing to thousands of fans at hundreds of shows and music festivals across the country such as the Midi Music Festival 2002 to 2009, Modern Sky Music Festival and the MAX Festival, and at many rock venues that are now established across China.

In addition to touring annually across China, Tookoo have started to build a following across North East and South East Asia. The band has performed at Rock-It 2006 (Hong Kong), Live Show Vol.5 (Hong Kong), BayBeats 2007 (Singapore), Laundry Volume Series (Malaysia), Sutasi (Singapore), One Movement Festival (Australia) and Rock Mot Ros (Norway) to name a few.

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