DJ K-Lof

DJ K-Lof

DJ K-Lof 

“与制作人与歌者的合作制作了大量的作品,最快乐的是自己能克服短暂的不顺。我做音乐的目的是为了传递快乐,在我表演中出现的每一张笑脸就是我为什么当DJ的原因。”-Trev Calof


Trev Calof 一开始接触电子音乐时就执着于玩打碟,每次出场他都尽力发挥所有能量,从而用EDM的爆发力感染观众。在接触大量的电子音乐之后,他开始制作原创音乐。取用艺名"DJ K-Lof"后,开始向公众发表一些免费的曲子。由于曲子受人关注,DJ K-Lof的名号遂即传播开来。当美国制作人"Simba"了解DJ K-Lof后,便与他一起录制了音乐,也使得DJ K-Lof在业内被更多人所熟知。如今,DJ K-Lof在整个渥太华进行现场表演,并且与世界各地的制作人一同制作音乐。最近,Trev Calof一项值得关注的事件,就是他与阿根廷的EDM公司"Trident Records"签订合同并成为其中一员,接下来大家可以期待他更多更好的作品。16岁的Trev Calof作为北美活跃的最年轻的巡演DJ之一,大量的广告蜂拥而至,因为在他当时那个年纪,拥有相当的综合电子音乐制作技能以及活力的音乐人是不多见的。


DJ K-Lof


  "I have a ton of huge projects in the works, new collaborations with other producers and vocalists. It makes me so happy to see how far I've come over this short time span. My main goal has been and always will be to spread happiness with my music. Every smile I see at my shows is the reason I do this. I love it."
- Trevor Calof


When Trevor Calof started in the electronic music scene he stuck to spinning records. Every performance showed him how much energy and power EDM has. After observing many of the huge names in electronic music, he decided to start producing original music. Using the alias of "DJ K-Lof" a couple free songs were released to the public. With all of the outstanding outreach these songs proved, the DJ K-Lof name got spread around.

When American producer "Simba" heard about DJ K-Lof and decided to make a track with him the word kept getting spread. Now DJ K-Lof is performing live shows across Ottawa and producing songs with producers from all around the world.

DJ K-Lof has performed alongside acts such as DJ Leblanc and DJ Franzgi. He can perform in any venue and still make it the best show ever, having experience in venues such as house parties, conventions and clubs (such as Le Volt).

Trevor Calof's latest and greatest accomplishment was officially signing a record deal with the huge EDM label from Argentina "Trident Records". Many big things can be expected from DJ K-Lof in the next little while.   


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