Flower - Araki Nobuyoshi

2012-04-28 10:00 - 2012-05-28 18:00

Flower - Araki Nobuyoshi

When: Apr.28 - May.28 2012
Where: Aura Gallery

Flower - Araki Nobuyoshi


A Hunger for Life by Huang Yaji

In the mass grave, the higanbana's pistil faded among the dead polar, which like aging prostitute's private parts. In 1967, Araki Nobuyoshi took pictures of higanbana at Net Free temple with a white board, this was his initial meeting with the flowers. In 2004, Nobuyoshi painted on the flowers as if he put on lipstick for his mother in the coffin, he took his mother's last photo before her life was suck totally by the death. Black setting set off gorgeous of death, just like flames blooming in the darkness, like fierceness in the eroticism and dissected internal organs. Colors dripping from the flowers are hungers for life.

The painted works were therefore even more real, the works destroyed by the painting became a mirror, under which, glittering the splendor of life and sex. Erotic flower is the same, dampened pistil and petal, which beyond the senses, they are destruction, and praise as well. Beneath Nobuyoshi's annular flashlight, desired life, death, sex, the shore and the other side combined to a whole. What is called aliveness is from being to death, the love of life and death is photography.

After Yoko died, the first things that Araki Nobuyoshi took are the withered flowers. On 17th of May, 2007, Yoko's birthday, Araki presented one thousand of love flowers for his wife, the magnolia, the tulip and the anthurium, which symbolize the life and death, between which fortune and misfortune made Nobuyoshi became a photographer, isn't it all in the world?

Yoko performed an operation because of fibroid, but at last she was found to have uterine neoplasms. Doctor said she only had half a year left. But I cannot talk to her. Almost every day I went to hospital to see her with flowers, because I love her very, very much.

In order to comfort me, my husband always brought a bunch of flowers are full of vitality to see me, the sunflowers are so beautiful. After my husband left, I looked at the yellow sunflowers, feeling his posture, temperature and smell, so I kept on looking at them. Deeply I felt miss do exist, really. It can cure the body and mind of the patients. I cannot stop the tears rolled down my cheeks.

Looking at the works, "these flowers remind me of a plenty of memories", Nobuyoshi said.

Araki Nobuyoshi's work Araki Nobuyoshi's work Araki Nobuyoshi's work

Araki Nobuyoshi's work

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