CRAZY ABOUT YVES - Le French May 2012

2012-05-19 09:00 - 2012-06-10 20:00

CRAZY ABOUT YVES - Le French May 2012

When: 19 May - 10 Jun, 2012
Where: Hong Kong City Hall - Exhibition Hall

Ysl Vintage


Stylist Olivier Châtenet, working through the greatest brands from Alaïa to Hermes, and cherished by many stars, is an absolute fan of Yves Saint Laurent. The story Crazy about Yves! began 15 years ago with a small trench at 10 francs discovered by chance. Then blouses, coats, blazers, suits and safari jackets, tuxedos and jumpsuits… finally an incredible private collection dedicated to the fashion design master, one of the most surprising in the world.

The choice of Hong Kong for this first manifesto is almost of symbolic value, it is this city which inspired his 1977 Chinese collection. Under the keen eyes of Châtenet, the mix is unusual, crazy but powerful, natural, spontaneous and so much like Saint Laurent who once said: “Fashion must also be a celebration, it should help people to play. To change. To escape...“. Showing us the most genuine Saint Laurent, the exhibition is also a portrait of Chatenet who is as bold and free as Saint Laurent. Passionately! Madly Crazy about Yves!

Ysl Vintage

Tel: 852-29212840
Add: 5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong

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