Michaël Cousteau Concert - 2012 Croisements Festival

2012-05-05 19:30 - 21:15

Michaël Cousteau Concert - 2012 Croisements Festival

When: 5 May, 2012 Sat. 19:30-21:15
Where: Qintai Concert Hall

Michaël Cousteau

2012中法文化之春 Festival Croisements 2012

Michaël Cousteau
Michaël Cousteau began studying piano and violin from an early age. Following literary and musical studies, he opted for orchestral studies, which he completed in France and Austria. By the age of 20, he was in charge of setting up programmes for France's conservatories, notably for the Conservatory of Music in Paris where he carried out numerous tasks.

When he made his debut as a young conductor he revisited the German pre-romantic 'Sturm und Drang' literary movement and, thanks to the talent he displayed in his interpretation, he became second conductor to the Paris Conservatory Orchestra. He participated in a large number of master classes and regularly accompanied great French soloists such as Nicholas Angelich, Dana Ciocarlie, Ophélie Gaillard and David Grimal.

Winner of the Cultures France association's programme entitled 'One conductor, one orchestra', which helps young French conductors take charge of foreign symphony orchestras, Michael Cousteau conducted the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra in Muscat, the Belarus National Radio and Television Orchestra and the Belarus National Philharmonic Orchestra in Minsk, the Moscow Chamber Orchestra in Moscow and the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra in Bangkok.


Programme centred on Claude Debussy as part of the 150th anniversary of his birth
1. Paul Dukas: The sorcerer's apprentice(10’)
2. Claude Debussy: Clair de lune(5’); Deux Nocturnes - Nuages(7’), Fêtes(7’); Petite Suite (orchestration by Henri Busser) - En Bateau(5’), Cortège(4’), Menuet(4’), Ballet(4’)
3. César Franck: Symphony in B minor(40’)


Organisers: Qintai Concert Hall in Wuhan
Supported by: Embassy of France in China, Institut Français, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs


*Information provided by 2012 Croisements Festival.


Michaël Cousteau Concert - Festival Croisements 2012

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