A New Year's Reunion storytelling in English and Mandarin

2012-01-15 14:30 - 15:30

A New Year's Reunion storytelling in English and Mandarin

When: 15 Jan 2012 Sun 14:30-15:30
Where: Olympian City Branch, The Commercial Press

A New Year's Reunion storytelling in English and Mandarin

Speaker: Ms. Pia Wong, Ms. Annie Ho Ting
Host: Ms. Christa Tam

Chinese New Year is a time for reunion. During this period, migrant workers in China return home to celebrate with their families once a year. Little Maomao is very excited because her Dad who works away from home is coming home. How are they going to spend their precious time together? How does she feel when Dad has to leave again?

Join us at the storytelling of the Feng Zikai Award winning title, A New Year's Reunion (HB) on 15 Jan 2011.

Ms. Pia Wong is going to tell the story from the newly published English edition of the book and Mrs. Annie Ting is going to tell the original A New Year's Reunion in Mandarin.


About the author
Yu Li-qiong was born in Anqing, China in 1980. She qualified as a Bachelor in Literature from Nanjing University and has a Masters Degree in Dramatic Art. She is a member of the Chinese Institute of Prose and currently editor of Eastern Dolls; she has published more than a hundred thousand words of writing in prose and novels since 1996. She lives in Nanjing.


About the storytellers
Annie Ho Ting is a qualified lawyer, mother and an avid reader who enjoys collecting foreign language versions of her favorite English language children's books. She has fond memories of spending childhood nights reading with a flashlight under her bed covers, and still does most of her reading when the rest of the family is sleeping. She is currently a Board Governor of Bring Me a Book Hong Kong.

Pia Wong, Executive Director of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong is a mother of two active boys (3 and 5 years) who LOVE books! "The Secret Garden" was Pia's all-time favorite book as a child and she is a passionate proponent of allowing children's imaginations to run wild through great stories. Pia is currently reading (and hoping to imitate in real life) "The Reading Promise", a true story about a Father who read to his daughter every night for 8 years straight (until the day she left for university). That's a hard act to follow and takes real dedication, but so rewarding for everyone involved!


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