The Nonsensemakers - The Notebook

2012-01-13 20:00 - 2012-01-15 17:00

The Nonsensemakers - The Notebook

When: 13-14 January 2012 Fri-Sat 8pm; 15 January 2012 Sun 3pm
Where: Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

The Nonsensemakers - The Notebook


* Performed in Cantonese, Adapted from Ágota Kristóf's novel

It is war time in the city. A mother takes her twin sons to the countryside to ask her own mother to take care of them. This 'grandma' is illiterate, dirty, stingy, fierce, and a murderer.

Life is hard for the boys, and in order to survive, they have to make themselves very tough. They start an incredible regime to train themselves for survival by constantly fighting, staying hungry, or learning to freeze…

They put down what happens every day in a notebook, which becomes the diary of two young rascals. As each page is turned with the passing of days, human nature in its rawest, most primitive and lustful state reveals itself.

Rensen Chan, Artistic Director of The Nonsensemakers, leads the cast in an eerie presentation of masks and physical movements against the sand painting art of Hoi Chiu and the stirring music of Frankie Ho and Chester Wong, to create a nightmarish theatre space which is at the same time poetic, idyllic, sensational and overwhelming!


Creative Personnel and Cast
Original: Ágota Kristóf
Playwright and Director: Rensen Chan
Producers: Horace Tse, Jacky Fung
Sand Painting Designer: Hoi Chiu
Set Designer: Siu Jiou
Costume Designer: Mo Kar-man
Lighting Designer: Yeung Tsz Yan
Sound Designer: Frankie Ho
Composers: Frankie Ho, Chester Wong
Make-up Designer: Joyce Ma
Cast: Jo Ngai, Cheung Kwan-yu, Lai Wai-ling, Ko Siu-man, Ip Man-chong, Ka Chek-lun, Yeung Kwok-ming, Lee Lai-kwan, Law Chung-kin, Chan Yul-hin, Lai Ching-ping, Leung Yee-sin, Leung Tin-chak, Tang Ho-kwing


Tickets: $220, 160, 120
Programme Enquiries: 852-37465219 (The Nonsensemakers)
Ticketing Enquiries: 852-93894369 (Mr Feng)
Website: (The Nonsensemakers)
Add: 72 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

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