Paromita Vohra(帕罗米塔·沃拉)

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Paromita Vohra(帕罗米塔·沃拉)

Paromita Vohra

Paromita Vohra(帕罗米塔·沃拉)是一位来自孟买的电影人、作家,也是一位策展人,她的工作混合了虚构与非虚构的内容,来探索都市生活、流行文化、性别、政治与欲望等主题。

她制作的纪录片包括关于文化、版权、市场与艺术的纪录片《犯罪伙伴》(Partners in Crime),关于小报新闻与道德监管的《道德电视与爱的圣战:惊心动魄的故事》(Morality TV and the Loving Jehad: A Thrilling Tale),关于厕所与城市的《排队撒尿》(Q2P),对天主教女孩刻板印象进行俏皮探索的《桑德拉在哪里》(Where's Sandra);孟买世界社会论坛的印象派影片《正在进行》(Work in Progress);通过土地与食品政治探索孟买都市形象的影片《国际大都市:一城双记》(Cosmopolis: Two Tales of a City),关于女性主义的个人电影《无限女孩》(Unlimited Girls);关于印度、南非与美国的女性用法律改变生活与社区的《女人的位置》(A Woman's Place),以及孟买纺织厂区里女性食品工人的合作社《安纳布尔那》(Annapurna)。里尔3000(Lille 3000)与新德里的“持续抵抗”(Persistence/Resistance)影展都曾举办过关于她作品的讨论。她的作品还曾在伦敦泰特现代美术馆(Tate Modern)与伦敦韦尔科姆美术馆(Wellcome Art Gallery)进行展映。

她还曾创作过全球发行的剧情片《静水》(Khamosh Pani/Silent Waters),以及纪录片《我所了解的关于她的事》(A Few Things I Know About Her)《 如果你停:在工艺博物馆》(If You Pause: In a Museum of Craft )以及《宝莱坞的特技替身演员与肤浅》(The Stuntmen of Bollywood and Skin Deep)。她的作品主要发表在几部选集与期刊,包括《关于孟买》(Bombay Meri Jaan: Writings on Mumbai);《电动羽毛:关于当代印度色情书籍的特兰克巴尔书》(Electric Feather: the Tranquebar Book of Contemporary Indian Erotica),《孟买黑色电影》(Mumbai Noir),《休息:企鹅版学校生活》(Recess: The Penguin Book of Schooldays),《不同梦想:全球新女性主义作品》(Dreaming Different: New Feminist Writings from Around the World),《第一证据:印度的新作品》(First Proof: New Writing from India),《符号》(Signs),《南亚流行文化期刊与放映机》(The South Asian Journal of Popular Culture and Bioscope)。她目前为一个受欢迎的周报专栏写作,在做印度纪录片史,并在写作一部关于印度爱情的非虚构作品。

Paromita Vohra

Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker, writer and curator from Mumbai whose work mixes fiction and non-fiction to explore themes of urban life, popular culture, gender, politics and desire. She has made the documentaries Partners in Crime, on culture, copyright, markets and the arts; Morality TV and the Loving Jehad: A Thrilling Tale, on the language of tabloid TV news and moral policing, Q2P,on toilets and the city; Where's Sandra, a playful exploration of stereotypes of Catholic girls; Work In Progress an impressionistic portrait of the World Social Forum held in Mumbai; Cosmopolis: Two Tales of a City, which explores Bombay's cosmopolitan self image through land and food politics, Un-limited Girls, a personal take on engagements with feminism; A Woman's Place, about women in India, South Africa and the USA using law to change their lives and communities; and  Annapurna, about a women food worker's cooperative in Bombay's textile mill area.
Retrospectives of her work have been held at the Lille 3000 festival and Persistence/Resistance, New Delhi. Her films have also been screened at the Tate Modern and the Wellcome Art Gallery in London.

Her films as writer are the internationally released feature Khamosh Pani/Silent Waters and the documentaries A Few Things I Know About Her, If You Pause: In a Museum of Craft, The Stuntmen of Bollywood and Skin Deep.

Her writings have been featured in various anthologies and journals among them Bombay Meri Jaan: Writings on Mumbai, Electric Feather: the Tranquebar Book of Contemporary Indian Erotica, Mumbai Noir, Recess: The Penguin Book of Schooldays, Dreaming Different: New Feminist Writings from Around the World, First Proof: New Writing from India, Signs, The South Asian Journal of Popular Culture and Bioscope. She writes a popular weekly newspaper column and is currently working on a history of Indian documentary as well as a non-fiction book on love in India.

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