Gargi Sen(迦琪·森)

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Gargi Sen(迦琪·森)

Gargi Sen

Gargi Sen(迦琪·森)是一位印度电影作者、策展人、发行人和制作人。她曾在艾哈迈达巴德国立设计学院学习视觉传播(1986),之后在英国的兰卡斯特大学拿到了大众传媒研究方向的第二个硕士学位(2002)。她是非营利机构魔灯基金会(Magic Lantern)的执行总监,该机构自1989年起从事文化与权利相关工作。



Gargi Sen

Gargi Sen is a filmmaker, curator, exhibitor, distributor and producer. She studied visual communication at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (1986) and later completed a second Masters in Mass Communication Research from the University of Leicester, UK (2002).
She is executive director of Magic Lantern Foundation, a registered not-for-profit working with culture and rights since 1989.
Sen began her film career in 1989 and has made over 20 documentaries that engage with contemporary issues. Her films have won awards and have been screened extensively and also used for different campaigns.

Sen writes on media and society, conducts workshops on media literacy and advocacy, and teaches film and communication theory. She has mentored the making of many independent documentaries in India and the world. She has curated many national and international film festivals on different themes and helped to identify films for many more.

Since 2005 she set up Under Construction, a non-broadcast distribution centre for disseminating national and international films to different audiences across the globe. Conceptualized as a public access archive, Under Construction now has over 300 independent documentaries of which nearly 30% are international.

Since 2008 she conceptualized film festivals with a difference to exhibit the collection of films under distribution. Called Persistence Resistance the annual festival is held in Delhi and travels to different cities in India and abroad and is conceptualized as a synthesis space where films, filmmakers and audience can come together to engage with the documentary.
And since 2010 Sen has begun to produce documentaries and has produced 3 documentaries.

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