Sanjay Kak(桑贾伊·卡克)

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Sanjay Kak(桑贾伊·卡克)

Sanjay Kak

Sanjay Kak(桑贾伊·卡克)是一位独立纪录片电影人,关注点在生态、另类选择与抵抗政治。他的电影《我们如何欢庆自由》(Jashn-e-Azadi,2007,关于克什米尔冲突),《水上的字》(Words on Water,2002,关于印度中部的纳尔马达大坝斗争),以及《林中的桥》(In the forest hang a bridge,1999,关于东北印度造一座1000公尺的竹藤桥)曾在印度及国外广泛放映。《水上的字》在巴西的世界环境电影/视频节上获得最佳长片。《林中的桥》于1999年作为最佳纪录片荣获印度国家电影奖“金荷花”,以及韩国釜山国际短片电影节的“亚洲凝视”。

他的电影作品包括讲述印度独立50周年时民主状况的《一件武器》(One Weapon,1997)和《雨的收获》(Harvest of Rain,1995)。他还围绕迁移的话题制作了电影三部曲《这片土地,我的家,英国-土地!》(This Land, My Land, Eng-Land! 1993,关注印度裔的伦敦边缘市民),《房子与家》(A House and a Home,1993,关注后种族隔离的南非),以及《柬埔寨:缅怀吴哥》(Cambodia: Angkor Remembered,1990,反省纪念碑以及它在高棉社会中的位置)。他于2008年参与在意大利博尔扎诺举办的欧洲艺术双年展——欧洲宣言展,展出《通向未来的圣坛:山丘的记忆》(A Shrine to the Future: The memory of a hill),讲述了奥里萨奈彦吉利山铝土矿的故事。

他出生于1958年,在德里大学读经济学与社会学,是一位自学成才的电影人。他常驻新德里,积极参与到纪录片运动与反对审查的行动中。他偶尔还会写一些政治评论,并是“直到我的自由来临-克什米尔的新暴动”(Until My Freedom Has Come - The New Intifada in Kashmir,2011年5月,企鹅印度)一卷的编辑。

Sanjay Kak

Sanjay Kak is an independent documentary film-maker whose recent work reflects his interests in ecology, alternatives and resistance politics. His films Jashn-e-Azadi (How we celebrate freedom, 2007, about the conflict in Kashmir), Words on Water (2002, about the struggle against the Narmada dams in central India), and In the forest hangs a bridge (1999, about the making of a 1000 ft bridge of cane and bamboo in north east India) have been widely screened both in India and abroad. Words on Water (2003) won Best Long Film prize at the Internacional Festival of Environmental Film & Video, Brazil. In the forest hangs a bridge (1999) received the "Golden Lotus" for Best Documentary Film at the 1999 National Film Awards in India, and the "Asian Gaze" Award at the Pusan Short Film Festival, Korea.

His film work includes One Weapon (1997), a video about democracy in the 50th year of Indian independence, and Harvest of Rain (1995). He has also made twinned films on the theme of migration, This Land, My Land, Eng-Land!(1993) looking at people of Indian origin in the fringes of the city of London and A House and a Home (1993) in post-apartheid South Africa, and Cambodia: Angkor Remembered (1990), a reflection on the monument and its place in Khmer society.

In 2008 he participated in the Manifesta7, the European Biennale of Art, in Bolzano, Italy, with the installation A Shrine to the Future: The memory of a hill, about the mining of bauxite in the Niyamgiri hills of Orissa.

Born in 1958, Sanjay read Economics and Sociology at Delhi University, and is a self-taught filmmaker. Based in New Delhi, he is actively involved in the documentary film movement, and in the Campaign against Censorship. He writes occasional political commentary, and is the editor of the recent volume Until My Freedom Has Come – The New Intifada in Kashmir, published in May 2011 (Penguin India).

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