Moinak Biswas(莫依纳克·毕思瓦斯)

Moinak Biswas(莫依纳克·毕思瓦斯)

Moinak Biswas

Moinak Biswas(莫依纳克·毕思瓦斯),曾于贾达沃普尔大学学习英国文学,后于澳洲莫纳什大学获得博士学位(印度电影史)。莫依纳克在政府学校教授英文4年后,于1993年加入了贾达沃普尔大学新组建的、全印度第一个出现的电影研究系。该系在他的领导下设置了学术项目与师资。他于2008年在贾达沃普尔大学创办了以数码方式展开的艺术与学习中心——媒体实验室。

莫依纳克是《移动影像期刊》(Journal of the Moving Image)的编辑,并合编《放映机》(BioScope)、《南亚银屏研究》(South Asian Screen Studies)。他为很多选集和杂志用孟加拉文和英文写作关于印度电影和文化的文章。他的出版物包括《阿普及之后,重访雷伊电影》(Apu and After, Revisiting Ray's Cinema,2006)。他撰写并合导了获奖故事片《聚居地的春天》(Sthaniya Sambaad,2009)。

Moinak Biswa

Moinak Biswas (b. 1961) studied English literature at Jadavpur University and did his PhD on Indian film history from Monash University, Australia. After teaching English in a government college for four years Moinak joined the newly launched Department of Film Studies at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in 1993. The Department was the first of its kind in India, where he took a leading part in setting up programmes and facilities. He initiated the Media Lab, a centre for art and learning through digital forms, at Jadavpur in 2008. Moinak edits the Journal of the Moving Image, and co-edits BioScope, South Asian Screen Studies. He has written on Indian film and culture in Bengali and English for numerous anthologies and magazines. Among his recent publications is the volume Apu and After, Revisiting Ray's Cinema (2006). He has recently written and co-directed the award winning feature film Sthaniya Sambaad (2009).

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