Concert by The Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra

2010-03-13 20:00 - 2010-03-27 22:00

Family Fiesta:
Concert by The Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra

Time: 13 March 2010 (Sat) 8pm
Venue: Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall

Time: 21 March 2010 (Sun) 3pm
Venue: Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
Time: 27 March 2010 (Sat) 8pm
Venue: Auditorium, Tai Po Civic Centre

Tickets: $100


Conductors:Alfred Wong, Chan Chiu-yin
Soloists:Kenny Lai (Suona)
Liu Zhi (Dizi)
Cheung On-kai (Dizi)
Wong Kin-yan (Liuqin)
Shiu Tsz-wai (Yangqin)
Lee Shui-wan (Yangqin)
Hui Chun-wai (Zhongruan)
Ge Li (Guanzi)
Lee Ka-him (Gaohu)
Ng Wai-ki (Erhu)
Chan Ka-man (Erhu)

The Moon Represents My Heart    Tony   Arr. Alfred Wong
Plus More ^  Joshua Chan
A Medley of Themes from Popular Wuxia Television Series Based on Novels by Louis Cha and Gu Long  Joseph Koo     
Struggle +  Peter Fok
Guanzi and Orchestra
Dance of Qiuci ^   Zhao Jiping
Suona and Orchestra
The Bridal Procession #  Folk Melody Arr. Zang Yibing
Dizi Solo
Reunion on the Broken Bridge ^  Zhan Yongming, Jiang Xueshang, Gu Sheng’an
Anagul Bala #   Xinjiang Folk Song  Arr. Gu Guanren
Gaohu Concerto
The Poetry of Music * Li Zhuxin, Yu Qiwei
Erhu Solo
Song of Birds in a Desolate Mountain #   Liu Tianhua
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso ^    Saint-Saëns  Transcribed Yu Chuan       
Liuqin Solo
Love Song of the Torch Festival ^ Zhu Xiaogu, Gao Huaxin
Yangqin Solo
A Symphonic Poem of Tianshan #  Huang He
The Song of the General *  Ancient Tune
Zhongruan Solo
Mountain Folk Song #  Liu Xing
Pipa Duet
Thunder and Lightning Polka #    Johann Strauss Jr.  Arr. Zhuang Yongping
^Only on 13/3, 21/3     *Only on 13/3, 27/3     #Only on 21/3, 27/3    +Only on 27/3

Details of Performing Group
The Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra
Founded in 1962, the Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra is a music organization under the Hong Kong YWCA and is one of the Chinese orchestras with the longest history in Hong Kong.  The Orchestra has organized performances regularly to introduce Chinese folk music of different styles to the public and to provide training and performing opportunities to local young musicians. 
Beginning from 1996, the Orchestra’s concerts are mainly organized by the Hong Kong government, and were well received by the general public and the music profession. Apart from organizing concerts, the Orchestra participates actively in social services and performs for voluntary groups, including schools, social centres and elderly centres.
In recent years, the Orchestra has collaborated with an array of music virtuosi including Xia Feiyun, Jing Jianshu, Wang Fujian (conductors), Li Zhen, Ma Di (dizi), Qi Baoligao (matouqin), Yang Wei (pipa), Jiang Kemei (banhu/jinghu), Zhang Gaoxiang (yangqin), Guo Yazhi (suona/guanzi), He Tao (erhu) and Yang Xue (gaohu/erhu) as well as local music elites like Wai Sing-fat, Pang Yui-sing, Ho Man-chuen (conductors) and Lo Wai-leung (suona/guanzi), Chau Chin-tung (percussion) and Loo Sze-wang (sheng).  In 2007, the Orchestra toured to Melbourne, Australia to perform a joint concert with Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra.  All the performances have received great acclaim from the audiences and the critics alike. 


Alfred Wong  Conductor
Alfred Wong received his bachelor and master degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying composition under Prof. Chan Wing-wah.  He studied piano with Dr. Cheng Wai and percussion with Dr. Lung Heung-wing, also he got CASH Scholarships twice during the study period.  His music has been performed worldwide such as England, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland and Taiwan.  His work Echoes was shortlisted for the finals of the International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition 2006 organized by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and his organ solo piece Flame was selected to be performed on International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days 2009.
Wong has made around a hundred arrangements, and he is often commissioned by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.  Recent compositions and arrangements include the commissions by Shanghai Wanfang Youth Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Hong Kong Youth NeoWinds Orchestra, RTHK Radio 4, Huqin soloist Wong On-yuen and Zheng soloist Luo Jing.
As a conductor, he has been collaborated with different music groups such as Windpipe Chinese Ensemble, Yao Yueh Chinese Orchestra, HKUSTSU Chinese Orchestra, Alethia Wind Ensemble and Tertiary Students' Ensemble, and recently he was invited as a guest conductor in the 8th Sabah Chinese Music Festival.  He is currently teaching courses at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the associate degree program of the HKIEd and HKU SPACE.  He is now a member of CASH, Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, the artist associate of Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra and the guest conductor of the Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra.


Chan Chiu-yin  Conductor
Chan Chiu-yin was graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Institute of Education, with a Bachelor of Education degree and a Certificate of Music Teaching.  He is now studying Master of Musicology at the Central Conservatory of Music.  He is currently an honorary committee member of the Bamboo Flute Professional Committee under the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, an executive committee member of the Hong Kong Bamboo Flute Society, the director of the Windpipe Chinese Ensemble, the resident conductor of the Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union Chinese Orchestra.
Chan learned the dizi with Wong Ka-wai when he was in secondary school.  Later, he went to the Mainland to receive further training from various dizi virtuosi, including Li Zhen, Zeng Yongqing, Yu Xunfa, Jiang Guoji and Dai Ya.  He has given touring performances in mainland, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia with orchestras.
In addition to his performing career, Chan also participates actively in orchestral management, training and conducting of ensembles, coordinating music activities and hosting programmes.


Programme Length
Running time of programme is about 2 hours with an intermission of 15 minutes.
Ticketing and Concession
Tickets available from 5 February onwards at all URBTIX outlets.
Audiences of age 3 and up are welcome.
Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (Limited tickets for CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis). The above discount scheme is not applicable to Workshop for Physical Fun by The Tweaksters. Limited tickets for students available on a first-come-first-served basis for Workshop for Puppet by Fantasy Puppet Theatre. Concessionary ticket holders must produce evidence of their identity or age upon admission.


“Family Fiesta” Series Discount
10% off for each purchase of 2 different programmes;
15% off for each purchase of 3 different programmes;
20% off for each purchase of 4 or more different programmes.
Group Booking Discount
10% off for each purchase of 4 – 9 tickets;
15% off for each purchase of 10 – 19 tickets;
20% off for each purchase of 20 or more tickets.
“Family Fiesta” Series Discount and Group Booking Discount are not applicable to Workshop for Physical Fun by The Tweaksters and Workshop for Puppet by Fantasy Puppet Theatre
Each ticket admits one person only. Patrons can enjoy one of the above discount schemes for each purchase. Please inform the box office staff at the time of purchase.
Audiences are strongly advised to arrive punctually. Latecomers will only be admitted until the interval or a suitable break in the programme.
The contents of this series do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
Other programmes in the “Family Fiesta” Series:
Far-out Physical Fun by The Tweaksters (USA), International WOW Magic on Earth II by Magic Tech, Letter’s End by Wolfe Bowart , Spoon Tree Productions (USA), Melodious Piano Moments Concert by Hong Kong Children’s Symphony Orchestra, Concert by Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra, Seasons of the Sweet Gum by Fantasy Puppet Theatre, A Musical Zoo–A Percussion Concert by Four Gig Heads Percussion Group – Made in Hong Kong @ Four Gig Heads, The Magical Forest Concert by Toy Magic Orchestra (Japan).


Programme Enquiries:2268 7321
Ticketing Enquiries & Reservations:2734 9009

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