Koon Wai-bong: Picturing Mountains and Streams

2011-09-07 11:00 - 2011-09-30 19:00

Koon Wai-bong: Picturing Mountains and Streams

When: 7- 30 Sep, 2011
Where: Grotto Fine Art Ltd

 Picturing Mountains and Streams

Among contemporary ink painters in Hong Kong, Professor Koon Wai-bong stands out as a classicist dwelled in academia with an undeniable literati sentiment. Koon’s paintings are predominately monochromatic landscapes with vast expanse of unpainted space. Devoid of human figures, they pay tributes to nature and its overwhelming power. Koon’s execution is abbreviated yet meticulous - a few applications of brush lines cleverly represent pine trees or light dabbling of texture strokes as rocks that put into perspective the compositional framework.

Similar to looking at a roll of film through a carousel, Koon Wai-bong’s painting leads our eyes to each frame while our brain tries to comprehend the logics and structure. As willow, pines, rivers and mountain pass by; we wander through history of the past. As urban inhabitant, we constantly seek idyllic refuge. In front of our eyes Koon’s world becomes the perfect escape as we linger in his meditative realm. Any attempt to impose mundane rationale is in vain. At the end, we are left with admiration of the beauty of each episode. 

Koon Wai-bong received his BA and MFA from the Fine Arts Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996 and 2002 respectively. He is a candidate of Doctor of Fine Art from the RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. Koon is currently a lecturer at the Academy of Visual Arts, Baptist University Hong Kong. Paintings of Professor Koon are widely collected by private and public institutions.

 Picturing Mountains and Streams                   Picturing Mountains and Streams

  Picturing Mountains and Streams

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