13, the musical -by Theatre Noir

2011-09-30 19:45 - 2011-10-09 17:00

13, the musical -by Theatre Noir

When: 30 Sep 2011 to 2 Oct 2011 19:45; 2 Oct 2011 15:00
Where: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

When: 7-8 Oct 2011 19:45; 9 Oct 2011 15:00
Where: Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Auditorium

13, the musical -by Theatre Noir

13, the musical -百老汇双语音乐剧

*Performances in English (Hong Kong Cultural Centre)
*Performances in Cantonese (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

"13 is a funny, exciting love letter to childhood and to the elusive moment when the child in all o fus embarks on the path of adulthood" - Splash Magazine, Los Angeles

13 is an invigorating musical featuring the only all-teenage cast to ever hit Broadway. The story is about the life of a thirteen-year-old boy, Evan Goldman, who is forced to move to a small town in Indiana from New York after his parents' divorce, where he must face many challenges and obstacles.

Equipped with an unforgettable rock score by the Tony Award-winning composer, Jason Robert Brown, 13 opened in New York in 2009, and has consequently taken Broadway by storm. This September, Theatre Noir invites you to join in on the energetic youthful spirit of 13 from New York to the Hong Kong Culture Centre and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is our honour to have Chris Shum, renowned lyricist, help translate the English lyrics so it can be presented in both English and Cantonese for audiences to enjoy.

We bring this musical experience to both younger and older audiences to reflect, identify, and reminiscence on our teenage years that is perfectly embodied in 13.

Energy soars through the roof when 13 throws you back to the age of youth and spirit!


Music & Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown
Book: Dan Elish & Robert Horn
Chinese Lyrics Translation: Chris Lam
Director: William Yip
Choreographer: Peter Lawrence
Singing Coach: Jarita Wan


Tickets: HK$300, HK$240 (Concessionary HK$150, HK$120)
Enquiry: 852-29047118/communications@theatre-noir.hk
Booking Form: www.theatre-noir.hk/13/13booking.pdf
Web: www.theatre-noir.hk/13/
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Add: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Add: 11 Yuk Choi Road, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

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