Alexander Prior

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Alexander Prior

Alexander Prior

19-year-old Alexander Prior was born in London to a Russian mother and a British father. He is best known in the UK for his appearance in the Channel 4 documentary The World's Greatest Musical Prodigies made in 2007. Prior is the great-great-grandson of Constantin Stanislavski, the renowned Russian actor and theatre director. He began playing the piano aged three and was composing at the age of eight. At 12 years-old he was the youngest commended in the BBC Young Composer Competition. Alexander completed his studies in music at the St Petersburg Conservatory. As a composer, he has written more than 40 works including symphonies, two ballets, two operas and a requiem for the children of Beslan.

In 2008, the official premiere of his ballet Mowgli, based on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, was held at the Kremlin in Moscow. The three-part Channel 4 documentary followed him as he flew around the world, aged 16, auditioning child musicians to play in a specially composed concerto at The Sage Concert Hall in Gateshead. In 2008 he was engaged as an assistant conductor of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra on a fellowship. Alexander Prior is the featured guest conductor and composer in the CCOHK's upcoming Prodigies From Around the World concert.


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