World Animation Shorts 2 - International Children's Film Carnival 2011

2011-07-10 17:00 - 2011-08-13 18:30

World Animation Shorts 2 - International Children's Film Carnival 2011

When: Sun 10 Jul, 2011 17:00
Where: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum

When: 6 / 13 Aug, 2011 17:00
Where: Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive


With interactive session in Cantonese / Total approximate running time: 90min


Director:Mihail Safronov
2009 / Colour / Russia / Russian / Chi & Eng subtitles / 6 min

This animated film, produced by a group of 7-12 years old children, is about hope behind a heroic deed, a struggle, and a victory.


The King Of The Island
Director:Raimondo Della Calce
2009 / Colour / Italy / Italian / Chi & Eng subtitles / 16 min

Gioannin is a 6-year-old kid who lives in Italy. He always dreams of his strong and wonderful father he's never met, who went missing at sea and has never returned. Eventually, father is back, but… 

The King Of The Island
Director:Anne Walther
2009 / Colour / Germany / German / Chi & Eng subtitles / 15 min

Stoneflies cannot fly as they are too heavy. So Ferdi sets out to a journey to achieve his flying dream.


Good Advice
Director:Andreas Tibblin
2008 / Colour / Sweden / Swedish / Chi & Eng subtitles / 15 min

Ten-year-old Rasmus is tired of his parents as they would never listen to him. He decides to run away from home. But before leaving, he records a cassette tape with different advice for his unborn brother. 

Good Advice

Egg Robot Momo
Director:Kim Shin-hee
2009 / Colour / South Korea / English / Chi & Eng subtitles / 7.5 min

Egg robot Momo, the offspring of a chicken robot and a human robot, knows he is different from all the other robots. One day, he knows the secret about his birth…

Egg Robot Momo

Director:Cecilia Torquato
2008 / Colour / Sweden / Swedish / Chi & Eng subtitles / 7 min

We know all about how a frog becomes a prince – what about a princess who becomes a frog? Girls, what do you want to be, a prince or a princess? 


Interactive Session

Kwan Chung-yeung

Kwan Chung-yeung (A professional scriptwriter, director and actor of children's drama for more than ten years)



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