The Crocodiles - International Children's Film Carnival 2011

2011-07-09 14:30 - 2011-08-07 18:50

The Crocodiles - International Children's Film Carnival 2011

When: 9 Jul - 7 Aug, 2011
Where: Hong Kong Film Archive, Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong Science Museum

 The Crocodiles

Ten-year-old Hannes almost dies during the "courage test"  for joining "The Crocodiles", the coolest gang of resourcefulness and courage. He is saved by Kai, who wants to be a "Crocodile", too. "The Crocodiles" do not accept Kai as he is confined to a wheelchair. One night, Kai witnesses a burglary. He joins force with the "Crocodiles" to break up a burglary gang. Do they succeed? Can Kai become a  "Crocodiles"?


Director: Christian Ditter
2009 / Colour / Germany / German / Chi & Eng subtitles / 98 min
Cinekid Lion, Cinekid International Film Festival 2009
Amsterdam, Film Award in Gold, Outstanding Children's Film, German Film Awards 2010


Sat 9 Jul, 2011 2:30pm         Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive     
Sun 24 Jul, 2011 7:30pm     Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum     
Sat 30 Jul, 2011 7:30pm     Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum     
Sun 7 Aug, 2011    5:00pm             Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum


Ticketing Enquiries: 852-27349009
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Tickets: $55
*Half-price tickets are available for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients.

Hong Kong Science Museum
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Hong Kong Film Archive
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Add: 50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Space Museum
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