2011-03-09 19:00 - 21:00


演出时间:2011年3月9日 周三 19:00


Arnaud Fleurent-Didier(法国)、Aliose(瑞士)-VOX酒吧(汉口)场次
Cloé du Trèfle(比利时)、Alex Nevsky(加拿大)-VOX酒吧(武昌)场次



阿诺·弗勒朗·狄狄尔(Arnaud Fleurent-Didier)

阿诺·弗勒朗·狄狄尔(Arnaud Fleurent-Didier)


2008年发行首张专辑。2010年获得查理·克罗斯学院(l'Académie Charles Cros)颁发的年度心动"Coup de Coeur"大奖,取得巨大成功,在瑞士国内及国外演出的机会纷至沓来。Aliose注重舞台演出与观众的直接互动,他们将精致细腻的歌词,自然真实与天生的乐感完美地糅合在一起。

过去几年中,Aliose乐队赢得了专业人士和忠实乐迷的无数赞誉,所获奖项包括:2006年Claude Lemesle心动"Coup de Coeur"奖(巴黎)、2006年Utopia奖(贝桑松)、2009年双耳"2 Oreilles"奖(圣艾蒂安)、Voix de Fête 2010大众奖(日内瓦)、5个Saignelégier市香颂金奖。

2010年,大提琴手Zéphyrin Rey-Bellet加盟Aliose乐队,使乐队的音乐更加丰富。

Cloé du Trèfle (比利时,摇滚女声)

Cloé du Trèfle (比利时,摇滚女声)
Cloé du Trèfle是Cloé Defossez的法文艺名,来自布鲁塞尔,多乐器青年演奏家。Cloé在国内外已经成功举办过200多场音乐会。Cloé同样赢得了国内外众多奖项,包括查理·克罗斯学会心动Coup de Coeur奖、《法语音乐大赛》一等奖等。乐队"Clover's Cloé"成立后,她曾多次应邀为电影和话剧作词谱曲,并与众多艺术家合作。

阿勒克斯·内维斯基(Alex Nevsky)

阿勒克斯·内维斯基(Alex Nevsky)
加拿大歌手。曾发行金曲专辑《月近黎明》(由国际知名厂牌Audiogram推出),该专辑不仅得到了著名民谣摇滚音乐人晏佩罗Yann Perreau的大力支持,阿勒克斯·内维斯基本人更是在该专辑中担任了词曲创作。



MARS EN FOLIE 2011 - WUHAN - 16th Season of the French-speaking cultures

When: 9 Mar 2011 Wed 19:00
Where: Vox Bar (Hankou), Vox Bar (Wuchang)


Arnaud Fleurent-Didier (fr), Aliose (ch) - Vox Bar (Hankou)
Cloé du Trèfle (be), Alex Nevsky (ca) - Vox Bar (Wuchang)


Arnaud Fleurent-Didier (France - electro/pop)
French musician-singer, has just published his new album La Reproduction (Columbia/SonyBMG, 2010). As warm as a winter evening by the fireplace, this self-portrait covers arrangements that haven't been heard since Gainsbourg's time. His impeccable three-piece suit and look of a fashion model straying into the world of French chanson might be seen as pretentious.


Aliose (Switzerland - intimate songs)
Ever since their first album came out in 2008, Aliose (Alizé Oswald and Xavier Michel), Coup de Cœur 2010 of the French Academy Charles Cros, has been increasingly successfull and became more and more famous in Switzerland and abroad. They will keep on seducing their audience with the pure and enchanting voice of the singer, while a new acoustic dimension was recently reached thanks to the cellist Zéphyrin Rey-Bellet, in 2010.


Cloé du Trèfle (Belgium - electro/intimate rock music)
Cloe du Trefle is the solo project of Cloe Defossez. Cloe Defossez, a young composer from Brussels who just released her new album "Hasards de trajectoires". She loves to play electric guitar, bass guitar, to torture sounds on her computer, but she is also fond of all kinds of keyboards and has a lot of fun mixing classical and electronic music.

Cloe was a revelation in Belgium, winning a lot of prizes before and after her first album "Sapristi". "Microclimat", her second album, won the prestigious Prix Coup de Coeur of the French Academy Charles Cros.


Alex Nevsky (Canada - rock/pop)
Alex Nevsky presents "De lune à l'aube" (Audiogram), an album stemming from classic rhythms that have been embraced across generations and cultures. Nevsky's musical inspiration is to bring poetry into his work. Rock. Pop. Kitsch. Slam. This music captivates and awakens in all of us the urge to hit the dance floor. The singer-songwriter has entrusted production of his first album to Yann Perreau, awards and prizes have already begun to accumulate.


Free entrance
Tel: 027-62872195   
Vox Bar (Hankou): Hankou, rue de Shengli 183, Wuhan.  
Vox Bar (Wuchang): Wuchang, Hongshan, rue de Lumo 118, Wuhan.   




三月香颂饕餮2011-大连站-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月3日  
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三月香颂饕餮2011-上海站-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月12日
三月香颂饕餮2011-广州站-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月13日
三月香颂饕餮2011-重庆站-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月15日
三月香颂饕餮2011-成都站-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月16日
三月香颂饕餮2011-北京站-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月18日
三月香颂饕餮2011-北京第二场音乐会-第16届中国法语活动节 2011年3月19日

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