Pallavi Aiyar(帕拉维·艾雅尔)

Pallavi Aiyar(帕拉维·艾雅尔)

Pallavi Aiyar

一名获奖记者,已出版两本著作。第一本书《烟雾与镜子》(Smoke and Mirrors)描绘了印度记者眼中的当代中国。第二本书,也是她的第一本小说,《胡同里的猫》(Chinese Whiskers)的灵感来源于她在北京胡同的生活经历。她曾是《印度教徒报》和《印度快报》的驻京记者,同时还在北京广播学院教授英语。凭借在政治领域出色的报道和分析能力,帕拉维获得了2007年的普雷姆·巴蒂亚纪念奖(Prem Bhatia Memorial Award)。她现在是《商业标准报》驻欧洲记者,和丈夫、儿子住在布鲁塞尔,还养了两只猫。


Pallavi Aiyar

Pallavi Aiyar is an award winning journalist and author of two books. The first, Smoke and Mirrors is a comparative portrait of India and China. Her second, the novel Chinese Whiskers, was inspired by Aiyar's time living in a Beijing hutong. Aiyar has reported from across China for the Hindu and Indian Express in addition to teaching English at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute. Her dispatches from China won her the 2007 Prem Bhatia Memorial Award for excellence in political reporting and analysis. She currently lives in Brussels with her husband, son and two cats, where she writes about Europe for the Business Standard.

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