Michel Faber(米歇尔·费伯)

Michel Faber(米歇尔·费伯)

Michel Faber(米歇尔·费伯)

小说家、短篇小说作家米歇尔·费伯生在荷兰,长在澳大利亚,但现在却把苏格兰当做自己的家乡。他的第一本短篇小说集《恰逢阴雨及其他》(Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories),获得了苏格兰圣·安德鲁十字协会年度最佳处女作奖。他的小说拒斥传统文学形式的划分,往往把惊悚、哥特故事与浪漫、恐怖甚或科幻小说结合起来。费伯最新的作品《火福音》(The Fire Gospel),是对普罗米修斯神话的现代重构。



Novelist and short-story writer Michel Faber was born in Holland, grew up in Australia and now calls Scotland home. His first collection of short stories, Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories, won the Saltire Society Scottish First Book of the Year Award. His fiction defies classification, often blending thrillers or gothic tales with romance, horror and even science fiction. A master of the spine tingling page turner, Faber’s latest book The Fire Gospel, is a modern reimagining of the Prometheus myth.

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