许素细(Xu Xi)

许素细(Xu Xi)

许素细(Xu Xi)

香港最重要的当代英语小说家许素细(笔名 Xu Xi),已经出版了八本著作,其中包括《外国的月亮》(Habit of a Foreign Sky)、《依稀群岛》(Evanescent Isles)、《下一页香港》(Overleaf Hong Kong)和《一览无余的城市》(The Unwalled City)等。出生在香港、有着中印尼两国血统的她,终日奔波于纽约、香港和新西兰南岛之间。她现在是香港城市大学的常驻作家。她已获得欧·亨利故事奖,并入围首届曼氏亚洲文学奖。



Ranking amongst Hong Kong’s foremost contemporary English-language novelists, Xu Xi is the author of eight books of fiction and essays, including Habit of a Foreign Sky, Evanescent Isles, Overleaf Hong Kong and The Unwalled City. A Chinese-Indonesian native of Hong Kong, she inhabits the flight path connecting New York, Hong Kong and the south Island of New Zealand. She is currently writer-in-residence at City University of Hong Kong. She received the O. Henry prize story and was shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Award.

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