Cats and Dogs - Israel Museum

2017-05-09 10:00 - 2017-07-09 18:00

Cats and Dogs - Israel Museum

Opening: May 9th 2017 -
Venue: Israel Museum

Location: Ruth Youth Wing
Curator: Orna Granot


Are you a cat person or a dog person? Who is truly man's best friend? Are cats and dogs really natural enemies? This exhibition for the whole family is devoted to pets, as depicted in artworks from antiquity to the present day. Some of these works invite the visitors to play, interact, and even wag their tails. The range of artworks on display offer surprising perspectives on these animals, and portray the deep connections between cats, dogs, and humans both under a critical and humorous light.

SAMURAICAT RED, 2006, Resin FiberGlass Painted & Varnished, Edition of 12, 150×100×60cm

About SamuraiCat
SAMURAICAT is an exciting, highly sought-after Pop Art inspired sculpture by acclaimed Japanese Neo-Pop artist, Hiro Ando.

This work in the round is painted glossy Pop Art Colors, depicting the cat as a revered Samurai wrestler, and belongs to Ando's series of cat sculptures started in 2005. Ando's bases his works on "the cat", because in traditional Japanese culture it is a good-luck charm. Ando depicts the cat in a fresh manner that clearly references his generation's obsession with Anime and the "Hello Kitty" craze.   


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