Eugene Pao x Angelita Li - "A Night of Brazilian Music, and the some…"

2011-02-26 22:00 - 2011-02-27 22:00

Eugene Pao x Angelita Li - "A Night of Brazilian Music, and the some…"
When: 26 Feb 2011 Sat 22:00
Where: Backstage Live Restaurant

Eugene Pao x Angelita Li - A Night of Brazilian Music, and the some…

Angelita Li - Vocals
Eugene Pao - Guitar
Scott Dodd - Bass
Roel Garcia - Keyboards
Fernando Nohra - Drums


Anglita Li
Born in 1970, when she was young, she began advertising and singing songs. Angelita step on the sing stage in 1989, she responsible for songs at Beyond's concert. Angelita moved to Bangkok in 1990, officially began her full-time for singer's life. 2000, Angelita officially return to Hong Kong.


Eugene Pao
Is a jazz guitarist. Pao is the first Hong Kong jazz musician who signed a contract with an international record label. He is the Eugene & The Powz's leader. In addition to releasing several albums under his own name or in association with other Hong Kong musicians, Pao has played with Jeremy Monteiro's group Asiana and with many leading international performers in the jazz field, including Jimmy Witherspoon, Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, and Herbie Hancock.


Scott Dodd
A bass player living in China. He plays electric bass and double bass. Loving all kinds of music. Especially funk and jazz!!


Tickets: $180 (include 1 standard drink)
Add: 1/F Somptueux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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