Ian Christie(伊恩·克里斯蒂)

Ian Christie(伊恩·克里斯蒂)

Ian Christie

Ian Christie是著名的电影史论家,策展人,播音员以及顾问,并且是英国伦敦大学伯克贝克学院电影传媒系的教授。他不仅在早期电影的撰写和编辑上功成名就,而且在展览上也有所建树。与此同时,他还定期为电影、广播、电视提供方案。

Ian Christie上世纪80年代曾加入泛欧媒体倡议,目前是欧罗巴影副主席及专家委员会成员。1994年,他当选大英科学院董事;2005-2006年发表一系列题为《电影尚未发明》(The Cinema Has Not Yet Been Invented)的讲座,并成为剑桥大学艺术学院的教授。

目前Ian Christie的研究方向包括产品设计历史、光学媒体以及在数字时代下的电影学等。


Ian Christie


Ian Christie is a film historian, curator, broadcaster and consultant, and have been Anniversary Professor of Film and Media History at Birkbeck College, University of London, since 1999. He has written and edited books on early film, Powell and Pressburger, Russian cinema, Scorsese and Gilliam (further details elsewhere on this site); and worked on exhibitions ranging from Film as Film (Hayward,1979), Eisenstein: His Life and Art (MoMA Oxford, 1988) and Twilight of the Tsars (Hay ward, 1991) to Spellbound: Art and Film (Hayward, 1996) and Modernism: Designing a New World (V&A, 2006). He also contributes regularly to radio and television programmes on cinema. These have included essays on Harold Pinter as screenwriter and on Bach as a film composer for Radio Three, as well as interviews for The Hundred Scariest Movies, The Thirties in Colour (BBC4), Scotland on Screen (BBC2), Rude Britannia, Dive! Dive! Dive!, Strictly Courtroom and Epics (BBC4).

Having been involved with pan-European media initiatives since the 1980s, he is currently a vice-president of Europa Cinemas and member of its Experts Committee. He was elected a fellow of the British Academy in 1994 and in 2005-06 was Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge University, with a series of lectures entitled 'The Cinema Has Not Yet Been Invented'. Recent lectures have included the first Richard Gregory Lecture for the Bristol Vision Institute at Bristol University ('What do we see in Films?'), the Nick Burton Memorial Lecture at Christchurch University, Canterbury (Blind Spots: What about the History that's not on Screen?'), and the 2010 Holden Lecture at Senate House, London University (Something Stirring in the Stack? Why filmmakers enter the Library). Details of recent conferences, symposia and presentations appear on the front page of thew website. As a member of the Steering Group of London's Screen Archives Regional Network, he launched the London Screen Study Collection at Birkbeck in 2006, and currently serve on the UK Screen Heritage Programme Board. He is also an adviser to the London Film Museum, and a member of the Intellectual Property Office's advisory committee.

Current research interests include the history of production design, early (and new) optical media, the cultural impact of film in the digital era and the potential of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience to tell us more about what (and why) we experience on screen. Plus continuing fascination with the work and careers of Sergei Eisenstein, Michael Powell, Martin Scorsese, Terry Gilliam, Raul Ruiz, Aleksandr Sokurov, Patrick Keiller and some other notable individualists among filmmaking folk.


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