《Ben Webster在欧洲》Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe


《Ben Webster在欧洲》

《Ben Webster在欧洲》

1967年,男高音兼萨克斯手Ben Webster成为一代爵士传奇,他曾加入过多个顶尖乐队,包括声名赫赫的Duke Ellington Orchestra、Big Ben、The Frog以及The Brute。彼时58岁的他开始移居阿姆斯特丹。在那里,他的房东太太Hartlooper把他当作亲生儿子般照顾,甚至陪同他参加一档知名电视脱口秀节目。

在由Johan van der Keuken执导的这部妙趣横生的短篇电影中,观众可以看到带着乐器走在路上的Webster,他一边与女房东聊天,一边回忆那段与爵士乐钢琴家Cees Slinger排练的日子。Webster亲自参与拍摄,他甚至为影片加戏,建议导演在一座萨克斯工厂中取景。影片零散而又变幻莫测、和谐而又抽象,其拼贴风格和颠覆传统的即兴表演与爵士乐艺术完美融合。


导演/摄影:Johan van der Keuken
制片:Johan van der Keuken for VPRO
剪辑:Johan van der Keuken、Ruud Bernard
声音:Yvonne Apol、Ryclef Rienstra


Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe


Tenor saxophonist Ben Webster was already a living jazz legend in 1967, when, at the age of 58, he moved to Amsterdam for a year. Known variously as Big Ben, The Frog and The Brute, he had played in all the top bands, including the Duke Ellington Orchestra. In Amsterdam he rents a room from an elderly lady named Mrs. Hartlooper, who pampers him ("She treats me like her own son") and even appears together with him on a popular TV talk show. In this short and playful film by Johan van der Keuken, we see Webster on the road with his instrument case, chatting with his landlady, musing on his past and rehearsing with other musicians, including jazz pianist Cees Slinger. Webster himself takes the 8mm camera and films the street and the director - he even influences the content of the film when he suggests that Van der Keuken shoot footage in a saxophone factory. The film is both fragmented and unpredictable, harmonious and abstract; its collage style and its unconventional and improvisational qualities all echo the art of jazz.


Director/Cinematography: Johan van der Keuken
Production: Johan van der Keuken for VPRO
Editing: Johan van der Keuken, Ruud Bernard
Sound: Yvonne Apol, Ryclef Rienstra
1967/The Netherlands/31min


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