Wang Jianwei's "The Morning Time Disappeared" European premiere

2015-10-25 20:00 - 22:00

Wang Jianwei's "The Morning Time Disappeared" European premiere

When: 25th October 2015 Sunday 20:00
Where: Centre Pompidou

 Wang Jianwei's "The Morning Time Disappeared" European premiere


Wang Jianwei (b.1958) Sichuan Province, China, he has been a pioneer in the Chinese contemporary art scene since the 70s. Academically trained as a painter, he dedicated much of his school years at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, reading about existen¬tialist philosophy and Chinese history. This led him to years of experimentation in con¬veying complex ideas with painting before shifting his focus to multimedia installation. ‘Connection’ and ‘relationship’ have been the key phrases in Wang’s vocabulary.

His work could be interpreted as an attempt to discover and expose the connection between beings, matters and concepts that may seem random on the surface. What he aspires to achieve is a kind of integration of knowledge in many fields that gives rise to his distinc¬tive approach as an artist. Although he is known for his video work, in order to convey these complex networks of ideas, he is widely experimental with his mediums, and the ways in which the work exists.


Tel: 33-1-44784799
Adress: 129 Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France
Official Website: Centre Pompidou


*Information provided by Long March Space

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