Jacques Kuba Séguin四重奏之Litania项目

Jacques Kuba Séguin四重奏之Litania项目

Jacques Kuba Séguin四重奏之Litania项目

Jacques Kuba Séguin
有波兰血统的加拿大小号手兼作曲家Jacques Kuba Séguin现在拥有着超高的关注度,他是2012年加拿大广播电台爵士新发现奖(Révélation Jazz Radio-Canada)获得者。Jacques多才多艺且喜欢冒险,喜欢通过参与各种乐队,使自己的声音更上一层楼-在ODD LOT乐团中,这位来自蒙特利尔的音乐家将东欧音乐、爵士乐和电子音乐融合在一起;而在Litania Projekt中,他又将新古典音乐与北欧爵士乐合二为一。Jacque以其对小号抒情而又强烈的现代演奏手法见长,作为一个土生土长的蒙特利尔人,他的音乐也显现出来自当地的多民族性。

Jacques自始至终都在追溯着他的波兰根源,也孜孜以求地寻找着接近传统爵士乐典型风格的新方法。Jacques曾与太阳剧团(Cirque du soleil)以及各类流行和古典艺术家进行过不同的合作,受到这些经历的启发,他冲破了爵士乐的传统局限,鼓励在他的乐团里进行即兴创作。


Litania Projekt
在新古典主义音乐与北欧爵士的影响下,Jacques Kuba Séguin创立了Litania Projekt。这个组合集合了蒙特利尔最具表现力的几位音乐家-Jacques Kuba Séguin、Frédéric Alarie、Jonathan Cayer和Martin Auguste。

乐团追求着微妙而又极富诗意的时刻,观众很难不被成员之间紧密相连的音乐纽带所打动。聆听他们的时候,会让人觉得时间凝固在一瞬间,像摇篮曲一样唤起你激荡灵感的忧郁和柔软的记忆。通过与出色的低音提琴手Frédéric Alarie进行合作,Jacques发现了小号的更多可能性,他的演奏在现代与传统之间摇摆,从而创造出前人鲜有耳闻的独特声音。

Litania Projekt曾于2014年春天在波兰进行巡演,同年与一个弦乐四重奏共同参加了蒙特利尔国际爵士音乐节,在L'Astral音乐厅举办演出。


Jacques Kuba Séguin-小号/作曲
Frédéric Alarie-低音提琴
Jonathan Cayer-钢琴
Martin Auguste-鼓


Jacques Kuba Séguin Quartet - Litania Projekt


Winner of the 2012 Révélation Jazz Radio-Canada prize, this Canadian trumpeter and composer of Polish origins is turning heads. Versatile and adventurous, he's a player who likes to shape up his sound with different outfits: with the ODD LOT ensemble, the Montreal musician blends Eastern European music, jazz and electronica, while in the Litania Projekt, he marries neoclassical with Northern European jazz. Known for his lyrical as well as his strong modern approach to trumpet playing, Jacques was born and raised in Montreal and fits well its multi-ethnicity.

Always reaching for his Polish roots, Jacques thrives for new ways of approaching the traditional jazz idiom. Inspired by his various collaborations with companies like Cirque du soleil and various pop and classical artists, Jacques breaks out from jazz tradition to create the urge for improvisation inside his ensembles.


Litania Projekt
For Litania Projekt , Jacques Kuba Séguin is influenced by neoclassical music and Northern European jazz. This ensemble unifies few of Montreal's most expressive musicians: Jacques Kuba Séguin (trumpet and compositions) Frédéric Alarie (double bass), Jonathan Cayer (piano) and Martin Auguste (drums).

This ensemble thrives for subtle but strong lyrical moments and it is very hard to not be touched by the musical bond of this group. The experience of Litania Projekt seems like a moment where time stops for the moment of a lullaby reminding inspirational melancholia and tender memories.

In symbiosis with the expressive bass player Frédéric Alarie, Jacques finds new ways to use the sound of the trumpet as rarely heard before by presenting a program that swings between modernity and tradition.

Litania Projekt was on tour in spring 2014 in Poland then accompanied by a string quartet at the L'Astral concert hall for the 2014 edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.


Jacques Kuba Séguin-Trumpet/Compositions
Frédéric Alarie-Double bass
Jonathan Cayer-Piano
Martin Auguste-Drums


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