Nik Bärtsch之“浪人” (Nik Bärtsch's RONIN)

Nik Bärtsch之“浪人”

Nik Bärtsch之“浪人” (Nik Bärtsch's RONIN)

作为乐队的作曲家,Nik Bärtsch确实在纸上记录下了大部分他的创作乐符,但在现场演出里,你却会发现,在某些情况下是不可能分辨出哪些部分是遵循编曲的,哪些是重新演绎或即兴演奏的。乐队需要在一瞬间即兴,为一首乐曲寻找到适当的张力和戏剧性的架构。因此,乐队不仅在作曲上胜人一筹,其出彩之处更在于本身成员间的有机反应。这也使得“浪人(RONIN)”能够用克制而激烈、无法被音符制约的方式演奏,而这只能通过不断的排练和持久的耐心,对彼此的尊重和兴趣,以及产生共鸣的能力中衍生出来。而后,那些行云流水的乐句、引人入胜的生动跳转、幽灵音(ghost notes)织就的天罗地网和韵律十足的灵光妙笔,便都自然呈现了。





Nik Bärtsch-钢琴/电钢琴/作曲
Kaspar Rast-鼓
Thomy Jordi-贝斯


Nik Bärtsch's RONIN


Nik Bärtsch as the band's composer precisely sets down most of the pieces in notation; but in live performances it becomes, at some point, impossible to tell what is composed, interpreted or improvised. The band has to discover the right tension and the suitable dramatic structure for a piece on the spur of the moment. The band-organism thus outwits not only the composition, but itself. In this way RONIN works politely but radically and in the long run on a collective phrasing which cannot be captured in notation. It can only be gained through training and patience, through mutual respect and interest, through the ability to resonate with each other. Then familiar phrases, curious and vivid turns of phrase, webs of ghost notes and rhythmic punch lines will arise as if by themselves.

Despite the multiplicity of the band's influences, RONIN's music always possesses a strong individuality. They incorporate elements of disparate musical worlds, be they funk, new classical music or sounds from Japanese ritual music.

However, these forms are never merely juxtaposed in a post-modernist fashion but instead amalgamated into a coherent new style. Ultimately, these sounds and rhythms are highly idiosyncratic. The music consists of very few phrases and motives, continually combined and layered in new ways. RONIN thus creates a consistent aesthetic across all levels of musical expression. Composition, phrasing, sound structure, performance, and musical form all combine to form a system of interrelated elements. (Michel Mettler)


Nik Bärtsch-Piano/Fender Rhodes/Composition
Sha-Alto Sax/Bass Clarinet
Kaspar Rast-Drums
Thomy Jordi-Bass

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