Beyond Time - Next Wave 2015

2015-11-19 19:30 - 2015-11-21 21:30

Beyond Time - Next Wave 2015

When: 19-21 Nov 2015 Thur-Sat 19:30
Where: Peter Jay Sharp Building BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Beyond Time


Pitched gongs, thunderous taiko drums, nomadic chanting, and enlightened laughter score this multi-dimensional foray into temporal transcendence from Taiwan's U-Theatre. Skirting material limits, bodies whirl with a controlled yet ineffable precision that combines martial arts mudras, contemporary dance, and Gurdjieffian movement practice, while imaging technology and projection render 4D rainfalls, eclipses, and full moons in shimmering blue light. Redoubled by mirrored flooring, the incomparable ensemble subverts the tyranny of time in this ceremonious, percussive vortex where void and substance, human and universe, mastery and wonder lead to sensuous spiritual awakening.


Director: Liu Ruo-yu
Composition/choreography: Huang Chih-chun
Set and lighting design: Lin Keh-hua
Costume design: Tim Yip
Video design: Hsu Yi-chun


Price: $20
Tel: 001-718-6364100
Add: 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, America
Official Website: Next Wave 2015


*Information provided by Next Wave 2015

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