Charles Pasi

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Charles Pasi

Charles Pasi

法国爵士音乐人Charles Pasi自获得了Tremplin de Blues Sur Seine音乐节大奖后,便敲开了各大音乐节的大门。几年里他的乐队在世界各地演出,并在各大音乐节收获了不同的奖项,包括享有盛名的蒙特利尔国际爵士音乐节。所到之处,他用麦克风和口琴征服了在场的观众。他的自信就是他的翅膀,而他的音乐就像一只敞开的行李箱,里面有布鲁斯,有灵魂乐,有自发而大胆的混合曲风,而他拒绝将箱子从此关上。他作为作曲家/歌唱家/乐器演奏家,悠游自得,游刃有余。而他的才华还不限于此!用他的话说:“当我创作时,一切都是可视化的。我的音乐,就像我一生的电影配乐。又像是一本我从没写过的私密日记。”没错,当你闭上眼睛听他的专辑,你可以看到人、事、情感、旋律,一切都有呼吸,有自己的生命。




After winning the Tremplin de Blues Sur Seine in 2006, French jazz singer Charles Pasi started to perform in festivals. In a few years, his band played in the world, harvesting different awards in major music festivals, including the prestigious Montreal International Jazz festival. Wherever he went, he conquered the audience with music & harmonica. As a composer/singer/instrumentalist, he is carefree and content. But his talent is not limited to this! In his words, "when I am creating, everything is visualized. My music, likes the movie soundtrack of my life, like a diary I'd never wrote." Yes, when you close your eyes and listen to his album, you can see people, things, emotions, melody, everything has a breathing and his own life. This year in JZ Festival, he will continue his journey, everything is possible, and the world belongs to him!


Genre: Jazz/Funk/Soul/Blues

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