Joss Stone

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Joss Stone

Joss Stone

英国有四大人声Diva,除却Amy Winehouse,另外三位分别是Adele、Duffy,以及Joss Stone。可Duffy早已沉寂,Adele又青睐流行,只有Joss Stone在灵魂乐中浸泡得如痴如醉。自2003年首张专辑《The Soul Sessions》惊艳全球乐迷的耳朵,到2015最新作品《Water for Your Soul》,12载共7张专辑诠释了灵魂乐的真谛,并成功问鼎格莱美与全英音乐奖。Joss Stone的声线有着老派灵魂布鲁斯歌手的特质,譬如Etta James,因此当年的《The Soul Sessions》尤其是专辑中的“Dirty Man”一经打榜便一发不可收拾,同时因为她极强的声音与情感掌控力,又可以娓娓道来诸如“4 and 20”这样的柔情派系。对于她来说,在老灵魂乐中注入新鲜元素是灵魂不死的秘诀——摇滚、放克、Hip-Hop、雷鬼被她拿捏得恰到好处;可对于乐迷来说,她直抒内心、畅快淋漓的唱腔是永远是捕获耳朵的不二法门。这个秋天,有种灵魂的声音叫Joss Stone。




Joss Stone has been obsessed with soul music since she was a little girl. By the time she was in her early teens she had begun to intuitively hone her now trademark gravelly-but-lustrous vocals by singing along to Aretha's Franklin's Greatest Hits. She began pursuing a singing career at thirteen, securing a record deal at 15, and recording her star-making debut album, The Soul Sessions, which was released in 2003. 10 years on from those stunning debut sessions, Joss decided to bring things full circle and revisit where it all began - with her follow up to that multi million selling debut The Soul Sessions Volume 2. A stunning exercise in vocal poise, passion and power, the album was well received globally and charted in the Top 20 both in the UK and in the US, garnering some of the best her reviews for many years. For soul singers in UK, she's the one!


Genre: Soul/Blues   


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