Modern Sky Helsinki - Helsinki Festival 2015

2015-08-28 (All day) - 2015-08-29 (All day)

Modern Sky Helsinki - Helsinki Festival 2015

When: 28-29 Aug 2015 Fri-Sat 19:00
Where: Telakkaranta

Modern Sky Helsinki - Helsinki Festival 2015


From China through New York and straight on to Helsinki! The producer of China's leading music festivals is organising its first European festival in Helsinki, surrounded by shipyard atmosphere at the legendary Nosturi club run by the Elmu association. Under the theme 'New Nordic meets New Asia', Modern Sky Helsinki brings its mix of new international pop, rock and electronic music from many of Asia's metropolitan cities and the Nordic countries.

Modern Sky is one of the most noteworthy pioneers in Chinese popular culture. Founded in 1997, Modern Sky was one of the first record companies to publish Chinese alternative rock and pop music. Today, the company is China's largest independent record label. It is also Asia's leading festival producer, which is organising 24 festivals this year in China, as well as festivals in Helsinki, New York and Seattle.


Price: 48.50€-153.50€
Tel: 358-9-68118810
Add: Telakkakatu 8, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
Official Website: Helsinki Festival 2015


*Information provided by Helsinki Festival

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