Wusheng Company: The Last Warrior - Helsinki Festival 2015

2015-08-18 19:00 - 2015-08-19 21:00

Wusheng Company: The Last Warrior - Helsinki Festival 2015

When: 18-19 Aug 2015 Tue-Wed 19:00
Where: The Finnish National Theatre

 The Last Warrior - Helsinki Festival 2015


Acrobatic fight scenes, highly stylised acting, stunning face painting and dramatic costumes - all the quintessential features of genuine Peking Opera are there. The cymbals and gongs will ring out, too, but in Helsinki they will be accompanied by dialogue in Finnish.

Chinese-trained Finnish actors Antti Silvennoinen and Elias Edström are founders of Europe's first ever traditional Chinese theatre group. The Wusheng Company celebrates physical theatre and seeks to discover new forms of expression for performing arts.

This warrior's tale features a star studded cast, with dancer and choreographer Tero Saarinen treading the boards as a great war hero and actor Ville Seivo appearing as an officer. They are joined on stage by Finnish wushu enthusiasts, brought together by Jyri Sucksdorff.


Price: 43.50-58.50€/27.50€
Tel: 358-9-47638330
Add: Helsingegatan 58, 00250 Helsingfors, Finland
Official Website: Helsinki Festival 2015


*Information provided by Helsinki Festival

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