The Opening Concert: Lucerne Festival Orchestra-Lucerne Festival 2015

2015-08-14 18:30 - 20:30

The Opening Concert: Lucerne Festival Orchestra - Lucerne Festival 2015

When: 14 Aug 2015 Fri 18:30
Where: KKL Luzern, Concert Hall

 Bernard Haitink

conductor: Bernard Haitink


It's with a comedy that Bernard Haitink and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA will launch the 2015 Summer Festival, which is devoted to the theme of Humor. Joseph Haydn originally composed his six-movement C major Symphony Hob. I:60 as incidental music for Jean-François Regnard's boldly comic play Le Distrait(The Distracted Man), a situation comedy that involves the amatory mix-ups of two couples. Haydn shows the temperaments of these four protagonists, in other words the four 'humors' as they collide in turbulent exchanges, jump-cutting from an archaic courtly style to indigenous Slavic dances and from sensitive melodies to blaring fanfares. Already in the exposition the orchestra's power seems to dissipate, as Haydn has the sound fade out right in the thick of things, only to bring it back to full sail with a sudden forte. And in the finale he instructs the violins to pointedly retune their instruments in a boisterous joke that could come only from this composer.


conductor: Bernard Haitink
soprano: Anna Lucia Richter
perform: Lucerne Festival Orchestra


Price: CHF300/240/170/100/50
Add: KKL Luzern, Europaplatz 1, CH-6005 Luzern

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