Matthieu Roy(马修·华)

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2009年起,他与法国作家克里斯多夫·沛雷(Christophe Pellet)开始了一系列的共创关系,由他执导对方的剧作:2010年《会议》(La Conférence)、2011年《谁怕狼?》(Qui a peur du loup?)、2012年《一个轻柔的背弃》(Un doux reniement),2014年他执导的《即使武士都被遗忘》(Même les chevaliers tombent dans l'oubli)入选亚维儂艺术节官方正式邀请节目。同时他也参与法国音乐音响协调研究院(IRCAM)所主持的声音书写实验与研究实验计画,并于2012年的宣示艺术节(Festival Manifeste)中展演成果。从2012年起,马修·华成为贝宁共和国国际戏剧学院(EITB)的委员之一,并定期指导学期制作作品的创作。


Matthieu Roy


Born in 1981, Matthieu Roy graduated from National Theatre of Strasbour's School of Dramatic Arts with degrees in directing and theatre production. Previously a member of various French and European theatre groups, he often participated in theatre education, even operating his own studio at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Poitiers. A celebrated avant-garde director whose works span the realms of theatre and musical, Matthieu currently acts as director and art supervisor for the French theatrical group Cie du Veilleur.

Starting in 2009, he and French author Christophe Pellet have collaborated on a number of the author's plays: La Conférence (2010), Qui a peur du loup? (2011), and Un doux reniement (2012). He also participated the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music's (IRCAM) Written Music Experimentation and Research Plan and performed the result of his research as part of the 2012 Festival Manifeste. From 2012 onwards, Matthieu has been a board member of the Ecole Internationale de Théatre du Bénin (EITB) and actively participates in supervising the production process of the school's creative works.

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