TAO Dance Theatre-Weight x 3|5 - Edinburgh International Festival 2015

2015-08-17 20:00 - 2015-08-18 21:30

TAO Dance Theatre-Weight x 3|5 - Edinburgh International Festival 2015

When: 17-18 Aug 2015 Mon-Tue 20:00
Where: Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

Weight x 3|5

@ Fan Xi

《陶身体剧场-Weight x 3|5》-2015爱丁堡国际艺术节

TAO Dance Theatre has taken the dance world by storm. Choreographer and founder Tao Ye's ritualistic aesthetic combines with the rigor and exploration of contemporary expression to create hypnotic and mesmerising works that represent the cutting edge of creativity.

Weight x 3 is a triptych set to the unmistakable pulsating rhythms of minimalist composer Steve Reich, in which both the music and the dancers seem caught in never-evening loops and repetitions. It features two duets - the dancers moving in near perfect unison, reflecting the music's shifting patterns - and a skilful solo in which a female dancer twirls and manipulates a long staff with amazing speed and dexterity.

5 is part of Tao Ye's numbered series of minimalist experiments that explore the potential of the human body as a purely visual form, freed from the constraints of representation or narrative. Accompanied by the music of Chinese Indie-folk-rock composer Xiao He, five dancers touch each other; never separating, moving in an indistinguishable mass.


Choreographer: Tao Ye
Music: Steve Reich, Xiao He


-1hr 30mins.


Price: £10-32
Tel: 44-131-4732000
Add: 30b Grindlay St, Edinburgh, UK
official website: Edinburgh International Festival


*Information provided by Edinburgh International Festival

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