Built to Last - 2015 Dublin Dance Festival

2015-05-19 19:30 - 2015-05-20 21:30

Built to Last - 2015 Dublin Dance Festival

When: 19-20 May 2015 Tue-Wed 19:30
Where: Abbey Theatre - Abbey Stage

Built to Last

Photo credit: Eva Würdinger

2015都柏林舞蹈节(Dublin Dance Festival 2015)

What is it that music unleashes in us? Celebrated choreographer Meg Stuart creates a time machine for five performers, confronting them with a tidal wave of monumental music through the ages.

Acting and reacting to works by Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Schönberg, and other seminal composers, the cast heroically journeys through the history of dance – and possibly into its future.

Time and again they adapt to shifting worlds with complex and subtle variations in their movement. These encounters offer a glimpse into the essence of human vulnerability and desire. As we continually reinvent ourselves, is it possible for anything to be Built to Last?

Built to Last

Photo credit: Eva Würdinger

A key figure in contemporary dance, Meg Stuart and her company Damaged Goods make their Irish debut to open the 2015 Dublin Dance Festival.


Duration: 120 mins (no interval)
Post Show Talk: Wed 20 May


Price: Full price €22-€38 / Concession €20-€34.
Tel: 353-1-8872200
Add: 26/27 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1
Website: 2015 Dublin Dance Festival


*Information provided by Dublin Dance Festival

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